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Rush Hour Weekender Podcast

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The times they are a changing and for Rush Hour, the time has come to move on. Coinciding with the moving houses of one of Amsterdam’s finest record stores, Rush Hour will throw a three day party between April 8th and 10th. Amongst others, the emerging producer and DJ Interstellar Funk will also play a set at Amsterdam’s OT301. We caught up with Olf van Elden to talk about Rush Hour, his residency at Red Light Radio and the exclusive mix he recorded in anticipation of the Rush Hour Weekender, for which we give away 2×2 tickets.



Do you remember the first time when you went to the old Rush Hour store? What was your impression and do you still remember the first record you’ve bought there? What made the store so special?
Back then when I started buying records, I just moved to Amsterdam and I mostly bought records online. I wasn’t really familiar with real record shops, I can’t remember the first record I bought at Rush Hour but I do remember that I was pretty overwhelmed by their assortment and variety of their selection.

Your forthcoming record Electric Park Square will also be released on Rush Hour. What does the label mean to you as a DJ and producer? 
The whole company included the label but also the store, is a close group of like-minded people, where I learned a lot about different kinds of music which in the end helped me a lot to develop my own taste. For me it’s important to have a good relationship with the label where I release my music on and in my case this has grown very naturally.

You’re a resident at Red Light Radio. What would you say is the overall concept for the radio shows? 
Red Light Radio created a platform which we didn’t had in Amsterdam before; online radio shows with all kinds of different music. A monthly show on Red Light Radio is the perfect output to play whatever you feel like; b-sides and all the weird stuff from your collection which you might feel to be too scary to play in front of a crowd.

How for example is your mix different from a regular radio show – if it is different at all? Did you have a concept in mind when you recorded it? 
I recorded this mix with the forthcoming Rush Hour Weekender in mind. It will be take place in the OT301 which is a former film academy which was squatted in the 90s. It’s my favorite small location in Amsterdam and fits perfectly with the artists we invited.

How and when did you record the mix? 
I recorded the mix at Red Light Radio with two CDJs and two turntables on an early Friday morning included unreleased tracks and new cuts.

You will also play at the Rush Hour opening weekend. What is important for you when it comes to DJing? Have you planned anything special for this special opportunity? 
It’s all about the selection and the vibe and with the artists we invited in a location like this it can’t go wrong! Expect the unexpected…

We are giving away 2×2 tickets for Rush Hour Weekender with Interstellar Funk, Dego & The 2000Black Family, Lee Collins and others. Please send us an e-mail with the subject line Rush Hour until Thursday, April 7th! Please specify the date.


Download (MP3, 320 kBit/s, 71:54 Min., 164 MB)

1. Legendary Pink Dots – The Lifesucker
2. The Woodleigh Research Facility – Osler’s Crystal Fountain
3. Tolouse Low Trax – Rushing into Water
4. Cosey Fanni Tutti – Rouge Mecanique (MST Edit)
5. Unit Black Flight – Running On The Edge
6. Bonzo Goes To Washington – 5 Minutes (R-R-R Radio Mix)
7. Vito Ricci – Cross Court
8. Vo Ese – Rike’s Birthday
9. Bill Converse – Sea Bering
10. Parazite – Track 1. MurrayCY Edit (Forthcoming Knekelhuis)
11. CTI – Hammer House (Interstellar Edit)
12. Mappa Mundi – Sexafari
13. Chris Carter – Electrodub 2 (Interstellar Edit)
14. Modern Art – Search For A Soul
15. I.B.M – Bless The Mission and Toil
16. Marie Davidson – Exces De Vitesse
17. Depeche Decode – La Bombe (Interstellar Edit)
18. Magical Power Mako – Welcome To The Earth (Interstellar Edit)



Rush Hour WeekenderRush Hour Weekender
8-10 Aril 2016

Line-up Friday, 8 April: Dego & The 2000Black Family (live), Volvoc, Margie
Line-up Saturday, 9 April: Beau Wanzer (live), Mick Willis, Robert Bergmann, Interstellar Funk
Line-up Sunday, 10 April: Soul In The Hole, Sadar Bahar, Lee Collins

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Overtoom 301
1054 HW Amsterdam


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