In a relatively short time, Mistress has helped both kickstarting (Borrowed Identity) and reviving careers (Daniel Jacques). Additionally, the sublabel of DVS1‘s own Hush imprint has also spawned some mysteries: Who, for example, is Discrete Circuit, whose frantic Bleep Techno belter “Incursion” was amongst the highlights of this year?

At least in the case of Juxta Position, the fog has cleared: Marquis Hawkes recently revealed that he was the producer behind “Mercy”, a track which became a dancefloor standard in no time. As Juxta Position, Hawkes lives up to his pseudonym’s meaning and seamlessly fuses Techno grooves with electroid Funk. We are delighted to bring you one of the new tracks from his sophomore EP, the fittingly titled “Sweatbox”.



Juxta PositionVolume 2 (Mistress)

1. Speaking In Tongues
2. Pacemaker
3. Sweatbox
4. Reincarnate (Digital Bonus Track)

Format: Vinyl, Download
VÖ: November 27th, 2015 (Vinyl), December 15th, 2016 (digital)


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