SEI A Groove Podcast 46

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Interview: Sebastian Weiß

In the past seven years, Andy Graham has made a name for myself with a slew of releases on labels like his native Glasgow’s Turbo, Untold’s Hemlock and, recently, AUS Music and Life and Death. The music he makes under his Sei A moniker seamlessly blends House, Techno and UK Bass Music, rendering any attempt to pigeonhole his style a futile task. Unsurprisingly, his contribution to the Groove Podcast series similarly transcends genres by fusing them into a delicate, hour-long trip. Starting with lush Ambient sounds, his exclusive mix works his way forward through Dub to Techno and House.



We’re curious about the origin and meaning of your moniker Sei A – what does your name refer to?

Sei A came from taking half of what was the name of the label I set up with a friend years ago called Seinan Music which is South West in Japanese. Basically I was from the South of Glasgow and my friend was West. It’s all Japanese inspired.

Are you still living in Glasgow – and if so, how does the music scene over there looks like? From a distance, it seems like a very busy and creative one!

I moved from Glasgow about 5 years ago so I’m slightly out the loop as to what the Glasgow scene is like. From what I hear from friends and local DJ’s – It’s still buzzing massively though. Although having the closure of one of the main clubs The Arches I think will hit the city fairly hard. The Arches was an establishment and will be missed sorely through the arts and music culture.

Some could say that you as an artist are still not that easy to grab. Meaning that you’ve been called a remix expert, a Tech House producer but also enjoying the fusion of Techno and Bass Music. How would you describe your current state of mind in terms of being an artist?

In terms of where I’m at just now, I think I’ve definitely taken a step further in terms of moulding my sound and production. I’ve never stuck to one sound but this is what keeps it interesting for me and hopefully for the listeners as well.

Where and how did you record the mix?

The mix was recorded in a studio in East London on 2x CDJ2000s and a Pioneer DJM 600 and then brought back into Logic.

Is there some kind of unofficial title for that mix? Like which moods and atmospheres did you try to preserve and transport?

There’s no unofficial title for it but I always like to take the approach of starting mixes with music that is slightly left of centre to Techno or House. In this case starting with a track from John Beltran‘s new drone album, then progresses through a touch of Dub, House then into Techno.

What’s next for you, on which project’s are you working on right now?

I’ve just had a track come out on a various compilation on Life and Death which I’m really happy about as the label is definitely one of the best labels out there at the moment. I’ve been working on a bigger project which more details will emerge soon but my next EP will be coming on Will Saul’s AUS label in November. Which again is a label that still goes from strength to strength with the quality output it constantly delivers.



Download (MP3, 320 kBit/s, 63:36 Min., 146 MB)

01. John Beltran – Orange Background – Delsin
02. The Acid – RA (David August Remix) – Infectious Music
03. Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Yah Feat. Willi Williams (Hallucinator Remix) – Burial Mix
04. General Ludd – Drum Circle – Transfigured Time
05. San2 – Impartial Perspective – Bobby Donny
06. Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak II/II – Basic Channel
07. Skymark – Destructive Poison Everywhere – NSYDE
08. Max Graef & Seibt – Kotschleuder – Box Aus Holz
09. Usha Uthup vs Alex Israel – Usha (Daphni Edit) – White
10. Frits Wentink – Angela Saliva – Vicario Ltd
11. Kool D – Casablanca Sessions (Dub Mix) – Tuskegee Music
12. Tom Demac – Dave Saints – Hypercolour
13. Huxley – Weapon – Aus Music
14. Sei A – Hyper Venom – Life and Death
15. Gabe Gurnsey – Falling Phase – Drone Out
16. BNJMN – Chromed – Brack
17. Lando – Stunts – Ultramajic

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