Steve Bug emerged as a leading figure in Germany’s minimal house scene with the release of his third album The Other Day twelve years ago, a record which earned him even more recognition through DJ Koze‘s infamous mash-up of its lead single „Loverboy“ with a song of the German indie-rock band Blumfeld. Since then, the Berlin-based producer and dj has been widely regarded as an purveyor of dancefloor funcionality, although he repeatedly demonstrated his versatility and his keenness for experimentation with his records in the wake of The Other Day. In early October Steve Bug sets out to shake up this image once again with his diverse new album Noir.

Noir will be released by Poker Flat on the 1st of October.


Video: Groove TVNick Höppner on „Panorama Bar 04“
Filmed, directed & edited by: Maren Sextro


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