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Platten der Woche

Mit Nina Kraviz, EQD und Radio Slave

Hört jetzt die Platten der Woche von Shackleton und Anika, Phil Moffa, Nina Kraviz, EQD (alias Shed) und Radio Slave!

Rave In The Cave

On A Trip With Trip To Iceland

Nina Kraviz and her Trip label threw a "Rave In The Cave". Groove writer Alexis Waltz and two photographers documented the unique event outside of Reykjavík.

Nina Kraviz

Abandoned Until Better Times

When a festival was cancelled, Groove columnist Nina Kraviz took the opportunity to dig deep through her record collection.


Б (Trip)

Ein Revival im engeren Sinne ist das eigentlich nicht. Die Neunziger bilden aber auf Bjarki R. Sigurdarsons Debütalbum Б eine deutliche Hintergrundfolie, die sich...

Bjarki: Zehn All-Time-Favourites

10 Favourites

Don't think you've figured out Bjarki, because you clearly haven't. The Icelandic producer's 10 favourite tracks will surprise you. Oh, and he's starting a label.

NINA KRAVIZ Community versus conformity

"There is always a positive and a negative aspect of belonging to a group." In her latest column for Groove, Nina Kraviz reflects upon creating an emotional bond with crowds of people and moving as one. You can also listen to the "KLM Delayed Flight Version" of her track "I Believe I Can Fly" from the newest compilation on Kraviz's very own трип imprint, premiered exclusively by Groove.