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Nathan Fake: Euphoria and Sadness

With his new EP "Sunder", Nathan Fake returns to the dance floor. We caught up with him to talk production habits and bittersweet inspiration.

Virginia – Groove Podcast 148

From old school to new school, Virginia's Groove mix pays tribute to the Ostgut Ton artist's electro roots.

STAUB – Groove Podcast 146

No names, no faces, just dust: The anonymous collective celebrates its five-year anniversary with a mix capturing the Berlin event series' atmosphere.

Recondite on „Daemmerlicht“: Exclusive Video Interview

With his new LP "Daemmerlicht", Recondite is breaking new musical ground. We caught up with him for an exclusive video interview.

Legowelt – Groove Podcast 144

Some artists have their own style, but Legowelt is his own cosmos. Just like his Groove mix, a lysergic and ecstatic journey through the netherworld.

La Fleur – Groove Podcast 143

La Fleur's Groove mix seamlessly brings together old gems and new favourites.

Kilbourne – Groove Podcast 142

Anger, euphoria, vulnerability, hurt - Kilbourne's Groove mix ahead of her CTM performance has it all. Brace yourselves for 70+ minutes of pure Hardcore.

Delta Funktionen – Groove Podcast 140

Delta Funktionen's Groove mix pays tribute to the genre that's always been part of his musical DNA: electro.

Pär Grindvik – Groove Podcast 138

Pär Grindvik weaves together an impressive 43 (!) tracks in just about an hour for his Groove mix.

D’Julz – Groove Podcast 137

Bass Culture boss D'Julz provides a sneak peek of his label's immediate favourite with a Groove mix that is both deep and driving.

Shanti Celeste – Groove Podcast 135

Shanti Celeste takes the decks to deliver a 90-minute long mix comprising material she only rarely gets to play in a club setting.

Ask The Artist: KiNK

KiNK talks hunting down Russian synthesizers, his favourite YouTube channels and Kung Fu fighting against time in this special edition of Ask The DJ.

Reza Athar – Groove Podcast 134

From abrasive Pop to Balearic House and Disco, Reza Athar's 90 minute long Groove mix serves as the definitive introduction to the up and coming Dutch DJ.

Claro Intelecto: „It feels like I’m in a witness protection program“

Back with his first album in over five years, Claro Intelecto talks his long hiatus, life as a father, and how his "Exhilarator" LP is pushing the limits.

Kr!z: 10 Token Favourites

Kr!z talks us through ten of the most important Token releases of the past decade.



Neuer Club in München

Clubbericht: Elysia (Basel)

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