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Sandilé – Groove Podcast 287

House around the clock: the I'm In Love member, DJ and producer Sandilé delivers a mix full of warm vibes for cold days.

Israel Vines – Groove Podcast 286

Entering a new decade and phase of his career, the Los Angeles-based Israel Vines kicks off 2021 with a mix full of hypnotic percussion.

Kasper Marott – Groove Podcast 285

Kasper Marott is a versatile producer. Having just released his debut album on his own Axces, he presents a mix full of trance and acid.

214 – Groove Podcast 284

On the heels of the release of his third solo LP, the US-based producer and DJ 214 delivers a mix full of deep electro cuts.

Mareena – Groove Podcast 283

The Berlin-based Unrush founder and Tresor resident Mareena presents an electro mix full of lush and gentle sounds.

Loraine James – Groove Podcast 282

Buckle up: Loraine James's Groove mix offers a wild 30 minute ride through the prolific British producer's Bandcamp purchases in 2020.

Hagan – Groove Podcast 281

Good vibes all the way: Hagan's Groove mix is densely packed with ampiano, gqom, baile funk and UK funky tunes.

Kyle Geiger – Groove Podcast 280

Even while clubs are closed, Kyle Geiger keeps busy. His Groove mix shines a light on the many producers still pushing the envelope.

“I’m Not So Bad at This”: Meet Knopha, China’s Most Important...

Having endured draconian anti-virus measures, China’s club scene is back on its feet again. Jaime Chu follows the low-key Knopha around the country and tells the story of a DJ who connects disparate scenes as effortlessly as he blends different styles in his sets.

Afrodeutsche – Groove Podcast 279

Henrietta Smith-Rolla a.k.a. Afrodeutsche talks her DJing and soundtrack work and lays down a positively wonky Groove mix.

“They Want Our Music But Not the Struggle”: the Musicians Forging...

The organic sound from Latin America has been making waves, but its makers have to still grapple with the continuous impact of colonialism.

Alpha Tracks – Groove Podcast 278

When the Viennese producer Alpha Tracks is not running Cheap Records' Morbid imprint, he likes to zone out - his mix for Groove is far out.

Rebekah – Groove Podcast 277

Having started the #ForTheMusic intiative, Rebekah is now back with a new EP. Her Groove mix is just as uncompromising as the former two.

Stefan Goldmann – Groove Podcast 276

Ahead of the release of his "Live At Philharmonie Berlin" LP on Macro, Stefan Goldmann's Groove mix travels the wide arc.

Azu Tiwaline – Groove Podcast 275

Azu Tiwaline's mix for the Groove podcast relies heavily on percussion, navigating between traditional and contemporary rhythms with electrifying results.

Breakbeats in Berlin: „Berliners don’t like to be pushed too hard”

Berlin is an International hub for techno fans, yet the city has a lot more to offer. We explore the history of bass music in the capital.