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My City: João Maria on Lisbon

Groove+ Ahead of his performance at LISB_ON #Jardim Sonoro, the label owner and DJ João Maria shows his favourite places in Lisbon.

Russell E.L. Butler – Groove Podcast 173

Groove+ Russell E.L. Butler steps up to decks for a Groove mix ahead of the release of their debut LP for Left-Hand Path.

Marco Faraone – Music On Ibiza Mix

Marco Faraone's exclusive mix ahead of his Music On Ibiza set this Friday at Amnesia sees him sharing his real musical message - techno and raw house.

Jay Glass Dubs: Sounds From a Quasi-Reality

Groove+ Jay Glass Dubs follows what he calls a "counterfactual approach" to dub music. We caught up with the Greek producer ahead of his Meakusma performance.

Man Power – Groove Podcast 171

Man Power's Groove mix is as straightforward as the Me Me Me founder's answers to our interview questions.

Jamaica Suk – Groove Podcast 170

Jamaica Suk's Groove mix is, in her words, "a postmodern melodic story of a girl who easily gets lost in the world but in the end finds her way."

Jenifa Mayanja – Groove Podcast 169

If you've heard Jenifa Mayanja play in the last quarter of a century, you'll know that this is how she gets down, according to herself.

Gusta-vo – Neopop Festival 2018 Mix

Gusta-vo steps up to the decks for an exclusive mix for this year's Neopop.

The Gordon Lecture Series: Tevo Howard meets Jus-Ed

Tevo Howard invites DJ Jus-Ed to the third instalment of his Gordon Lecture Series. Watch the full episode now!

Detroit Swindle – Groove Podcast 168

Detroit Swindle's Groove mix is a mini journey through the sound of the Heist founders.

Paco Osuna: The Sound of Music On Ibiza

Before taking over the decks at Amnesia's Club Room this Friday, Music On Ibiza regular Paco Osuna gives us a sneak peek of what he's going to play.

Alienata: Past, Present, Future – Alienation

Disco Atónicos owner Alienata talks her DJing career, finding a family in the Berlin club scene and her involvement in the upcoming Krake festival.

Philipp Gorbachev – Groove Podcast 167

"Do you know the rule of two in music? When two people dance - that’s already a dancefloor!" Philipp Gorbachev delivers a mix with acid-tinged techno.

Joey Daniel: The Sound of Music On Ibiza

Joey Daniel's playlist for Music On Ibiza ahead of his set this Friday on Amnesia's Club Room is full of fresh and exclusive cuts.

Leon – Music On Ibiza Mix

Leon steps up to decks for an exclusive mix ahead of his to return to Amnesia for the next Music On Ibiza night this Friday.

Music History: Jon Hassell – World Maker

Andrew Pekler talks with the Fourth World pioneer about his new album, studying under Stockhausen and the advent of sampling.