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Marco Faraone is a regular guest at Marco Carola’s Music On Ibiza nights at Amnesia and it is not hard to see why. A versatile producer and DJ, the Uncage founder effortlessly bridges the divide between techno and house in whatever he does. Before returning to Amnesia this Friday, August 24th 2018, where he will play along Hector Couto and Antonio Pica at the Club Room, he shares an exclusive mix with us. And while we briefly forgot about his I Will Wait LP (apologies for that, Marco!), Faraone reminded us not only of that – but also of the “real musical message” behind his sets, as he puts it.



You’ve been continuously releasing your own productions since 2008, however have not released an album yet. Why do you usually stick to the short format?
Well, that’s actually not true. I released a 14-track album called I Will Wait back in 2013 and it was remixed by some amazing artists including Jay Haze, Locked Groove and Dana Ruh. The album I did was a very experimental project, and got support from the legend Laurent Garnier who gave me on the most beautiful feedback ever, I will never forget that! Since then I stopped my collaboration with that label where I was involved as a partner and I decided to start Uncage to really express myself and my musical ideas. I’m working to produce a new album for next year, but you know, it’s a journey and needs time and inspiration… I think now after doing many EPs it’s time to focus once again on something like an album.

Besides your work as a producer and DJ, you have launched the Uncage label in 2016 together with Norman Methner. What is the philosophy behind the label?
I used to run another label before Uncage and when I stopped it was kind of frustrating to start something new from scratch, but my friend Norman gave me a lot motivation to get my ass into gear and have the dedication to start something new and exciting. The idea behind Uncage is basically freedom and musical expression, the decision came from my desire to express this message to the fans. We really dig a lot into new talent because one of the main goals is to have a label that always tries to discover them before anyone else. As you can see most of the time we release music from new producers and we try to build them up with collaborations or remixes from established names in the scene. We never look for the name, but for the music and this is what in my opinion keeps the labels output quality at the very best possible level. We release what we love, we always go for the quality and not for the sales. Of course the label is a techno imprint but we are really open minded, and we always wait for something that takes us by surprise. I can now tell you some good news, that in the next month we’ll also start a sublabel, focused more on house and lo-fi house sounds to have a bigger spectrum and range of music to release. Anyone who has known me for a long time, knows that I as a DJ I am very versatile and play quite a bit of everything. I always want to make my set different, and think that this attitude must be reflected on the labels sound in some way, so now we are building a plan to make it all possible.

You’re a regular guest at Music On Ibiza season nowadays. What defines the spirit of Music On for you?
It’s pure happiness. Even if Ibiza has changed a lot, this party still has an amazing vibe and crowd. The team and people working around the clock at this party are amazing. I feel like I’m part of a family, and I enjoy to spend time with them. Marco is a really nice person and legend, even more so for Italian DJ’s like me who grew up listening to his music. Musically, I really enjoy playing at Music On because I don’t put a plan in place for my set – I play many tracks from house and techno. I can really express myself as much as I want to when I play there and that’s something very special which you do not get the opportunity to do do very often. Normally when you hear me playing at Music On its more the house music side coming out!

Which three records won’t leave your bag during this summer season?
Marco Faraone – On My Way (Rekids)
William Djoko – Whiplash (Groovemix)
Unknown – Ljzeren Rots (Digwah)

What was the idea behind your exclusive Music On Ibiza mix for Groove?
The idea was to share my real musical message, in fact I played many tracks signed and unreleased from my label, trying to go through different shades of techno and raw house music. Groove has published so many amazing mixes, which I have followed for a long time, so I wanted to do my best to make a proper techno selection for you including material from our label artists and new talent, because it’s important that their music gets “out of the cage”.

Stream: Marco Faraone – Music On Ibiza Mix

01. Kas:st – Journey In Beyond (Uncage)
02. Célome – Violence Was Magnified (Marco Faraone Remix) (Uncage)
03. Stojche – Revenge (Uncage)
04. Untidy – Untidy 006B (Untity)
05. Reformed Society – Bend The Wave (Uncage)
06. Lando – Hutch (Mistress)
07. Cinthie – Push It (No label)
08. Deep Dimension – So 1992 (Radio Slave & P.leone Remix) (Rekids)
09. Eric Axelsson – Gestalt (Uncage)
10. Tin Man – Nonneo (Marco Faraone Remix) (Uncage)
11. Matrixxman & Echologist – Expiration (Format Records)
12. Dold – Untitled249 (Uncage)
13. Tizian – Elektro Ghetto (Uncage)
14. Juan Atkins – Flash Flood (Tresor)
15. Joel Alter – I Can Touch the Stars (Uncage)

Music On Ibiza
August 24 2018

Line-up: Marco Carola, Nic Fanciulli, Hector Couto, Marco Faraone, Antonio Pica

Carretera Ibiza a San Antonio
07816 Ibiza

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