Foto: Kieran Behan (Claire Morgan)

I became a DJ because: playing piano to anyone except my family or cat was too scary

Today I’m DJing with: Vinyl as much as possible, although too much is sometimes not practical for traveling and I am playing so many styles of music at the moment (techno, house, long electro closing sets, sometimes ambient) that it’s too expensive to be buying all of that on vinyl. So also USB.

My first DJ set: The same week I bought turntables when I was 19 – I dragged them to a work party and played the same 15 records for about 4 hours. A week later I started my first weekly residency. Hooked from the beginning!

What makes a good DJ for you? Creative and sensitive mixer and a thoughtful programmer. I like to be drawn in.

Through my residency at The House of Mince I have learned that: that Lovertits can throw a party. Yes he can. I have also been a resident at ://about:blank for the Away parties this Summer playing mostly 5+ hour sets. That has definitely pushed my skills over the last few months.”

This is what I’m doing when I’m not DJing: Writing music. Launching ö openair (by the time you read this, our first one would have happened. I hope it was kickass!). Thinking about the beach.

My 2 secret weapons: Love cooking and my Prophet 5. I brought this synth with me from Australia, it’s the biggest pain in my ass and the best thing I own. Everything I have written in the last 10 years has involved it in some way. It’s most definitely alive.

Stream: Claire MorganAm Deck 34

01. S.O.N.S – An New Life (Planet Earth mix)
02. Hodge – No Single Thing
03. Cadans – 1 Bar FU
04. Mosca – Don’t Take This the Wrong Way
05. Hodge – Light Waves
06. Efdemin – Parallaxis
07. Wice – Just Kiddin
08, Schacke – A Future Not Materialized
09. Volte Face – Blatchington Mill (Wata Igarashi Stairway remix)
10. SHLØMO & AWB – Intimate Disorder
11. Alpha Tracks – Mayflower
12. Bruce – I’m Alright Mate (Asusu Remix)
13. Alpha Tracks – Soleil Royal
14. Volte Face – Lethologica
15. Synkro – Look At Yourself (Djrum Remix)

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