When googling osteopathy, I found more books about the “philosophy of osteopathy” than anything else. At my first appointment, I could feel this person looking at my existence like music in time, like I was a symphony. He was putting together pictures of my being in his imagination and was deeply listening, seeking to understand.

My body was telling all it’s secrets and he was fine tuning all its errors. It struck me as the most beautiful form of art I had ever experienced. Perhaps there is more art to discover in osteopathy, and all these years I’ve spent understanding vibes, improvising, playing the soul, have lead me to this place where I could transform my artistry into another form. Are we meant to be just one thing forever?

What happens to athletes, sopranos, ballerinas, models when they’ve done a bunch of stuff and are beyond being new and beginners luck. Shit man. Why didn’t anyone warn me about this talent game? You drive yourself mad from passion, and then one day you stop and ask yourself what is it all for. Now that’s a hard thing to chew on.

The music never leaves me, so I’m writing and producing relentlessly and making decisions about visions. But I’m convinced there has to be more to this music life. There has to be a second act:

My best work is still yet to come.
My best work is still yet to come.
My best work is still yet to come.

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