I got in near the end of Evigt Mörker’s set and for all of Acronym’s before me – both Swedish producers played live and gave the system a rigorous workout, getting a big reaction from the crowd. Nice to see each of them using an Acidlab Miami drum machine too, which is a mainstay in my own studio setup as well. I started at about 4.40am. The club crew pulled out the CDJs and equipment-holding shelf in front of me, meaning that the crowd could see exactly how I was mixing. I really thrive off these situations, especially when the people there may not know me so well yet, it was perfect. Felt such a burst of energy as I started the set, the sort that you tend to get at the best gigs, is the kind of feeling that reminds my why I love this so much.

Scheduled to play for 5 hours, about half way through the set I decided that I would go for longer (it seems to be club law to allow the closing guest play as long as they like!). I have never played for longer than 5, but in this case I was suddenly asking myself: Could I play for eight hours? Already I knew that this club was having an unusual effect on me! What is it that makes it that way? Besides the heavyweight sound and very sturdy and comfortable DJ setup, it just has to be the people and the spirit. They are supportive and gracious, they make kind and friendly gestures as you play, and they reward shifts in rhythm or style – something that not all techno crowds do.

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