I got a little tour of the club at the soundcheck, and was brought up to the upstairs house room. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go in there later when the music had started, but it seemed like a cosy, compact space, with bassbins situated on the middle of the dancefloor (much like Sub Club in Glasgow). After the soundcheck, we headed off for dinner. I hadn’t eaten Georgian food before; I’m not going to give a detailed description of what we had, I’m ok at reviewing music but probably out of my depth when talking about food. All I can say is that I’d strongly recommend it!

The main room of Bassiani is a pressure cooker, in the best possible way. It holds somewhere around 1,000 people I’d guess, and its vibe is built largely on darkness, but with subtle flickering lighting that fully illuminates at peak points. Built on the structure of an old swimming pool, the foundation of the space feels strong. Although it has a high ceiling, look up there and you’ll see large acoustic panels that absorb the sound and essentially keep it more rounded and condensed in the room. For a space that could sound very reverby, it’s remarkably tight and balanced. What I really like about DJing in the room is how close you are to the crowd – the DJ booth is on the floor, which makes a big difference for the people and whoever is playing.

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