Photo: Screenshot/Vimeo (Jamal Moss, Tevo Howard)

“Being stagnant is the death of you,” says Jamal Moss and his body of work serves as a reminder that the Chicago-based producer is very much alive. While being most productive under his Hieroglyphic Being moniker, Moss has also released a slew of records under his real name or pseudonyms like Africans With Mainframes while also running his own label Mathematics and playing live shows all over the world. Moss’ sound is heavily informed by his home town’s legacy, but also takes its cues from Industrial Music or Jazz, making him one of the most versatile producers out there. For the second instalment of The Gordon Lecture Series, host Tevo Howard has invited his old friend to talk with Moss about the merits of high education, the struggles he had to endure in the early stages of his career, and politics. Questions which, according to the series’ concept, were pre-selected by Moss himself.

Video: The Gordon Lecture Series with Jamal Moss (Hieroglyphic Being)

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Kristoffer Cornils war zwischen Herbst 2015 und Ende 2018 Online-Redakteur der GROOVE. Er betreut den wöchentlichen GROOVE Podcast sowie den monatlichen GROOVE Resident Podcast und schreibt die Kolumne konkrit.