Photo: Antonio Cavalieri (Rachel Lyn)

Age: 915150854 seconds

Homebase: London, UK

First record I bought: Art Of Noise – In Visible Silence. This record is of the most inspiring records I own.

Last record I bought: DalhousThe Composite Moods Collection Vol. 1

This made me want to become a DJ: Expression of symmetry

My idols: I don’t want to say any specific names here because I don’t idolise anybody. It’s more that I admire them for their perception of the world and how they creatively go about ideas. A person with a creative unique lens will get my attention. I respect artists that push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

These days I DJ with Rødhåd, Drumcell, Paula Temple, Shifted, Ellen Allien.

London is great because musically, it has everything.

London annoys me because it’s not my original habitat. I grew up on/in the countryside. Sometimes city life is too intense for me.

My best DJ experience: They are all great because of the preparation before each gig. I get a real kick out digging for new tunes and for preparing my sound and vision before each show. Feeling conscious and absolute before a set really allows me to project my essence.

My worst DJ experience: I try to put bad experiences behind me as quickly as possible. I honestly can’t remember anything… I’m fortunate enough to be working with great clubs and promoters at this point.

My favourite club: Berghain, Village Underground, DC10…

Always in my luggage when I’m on the road: A few records and many USB sticks, coloured stockings, my bonsai tree, a book on poetry or awareness. I also like the Penguin Little Black Classics, they are so small and take your mind away for a short while.

When I’m not behind the decks, I’m seeking fresh inspiration constantly. I enjoy researching the history around things like fashion, culture, people and music. Understanding where we have come from culturally helps me make sense of the present. And hiking – being away from the city and not contactable is a good way to reset.

Two of my secret weapons: Quirk, and to throw a spanner in the works.



Why did you pick the tracks for the mix, did you had any a specific concept in mind?
Without a concept in my mind, I’m lost in translation. This goes for every gig I play at too… I really think about it and create something for that space. For this mix, i don’t want to place you in the club, that’s easier to do. I put myself in the conductor position with a plan to create a poetic space of art, noise of all types of styles and sounds. What story can i tell you, where can i take you? What sounds fold into another perfectly. I thought about fantasy and with no boundaries. i think if I box myself I will ninja kick myself out at some point.

Where and how you have recorded the mix?
I made this mix on Ableton, I made my own edits of most of the tracks to fit into what i was doing. I digged out really old tracks, mostly from the 90s. Its stuff that sounds really fresh to me, it could be made now or 30 years ago… you can’t tell. If i can still be inspired at the end of making it, then I’m ok with it. I always stick images to the wall when working on music, I’m into fine art at the moment and an image of Cindy Crawford from the book Unseen Vogue: The Secret History Of Fashion Photography. It matched the mood I was going for perfectly and helped me to create.


Unfortunately, the download is currently only possible via Soundcloud with a registered account.

01. Rachel Lyn – Prose (Intro _Original Mix)
02. Vril – Part 2 [Isormara]
03. Biosphere – Moistened & Dried [Touch]
04. Biosphere – Disparu [Touch]
05. Chris Carter – Domank [Conspiracy International]
06. Arv & Miljö – SDAVF [Posh Isolation]
07. Mika Vainio – Unessa (In Sleep) [Touch]
08. Jason Potratz – Track 3 [Phthalo Records]
09. Michael Burkat & Lars Klein – Techno Doesn’t Need Pop Stars [Temper Records] (Rachel Lyn Bootleg)
10. Blevin Blectum – The Body Disappeared (Down Into Language) [Phthalo Records]
11. Pan Sonic – Loutain [ Mute Recordings]
12. Being – Whoop! [The Spacefrogs]
13. BBC Sound Effects Library – 1968 Ford Corsair
14. Caustic Visions – Circuit Abuse [Industrial Strength Records]
15. Senking – Schacht [Karaoke Kalk]
16. Various – Tone Tales From The Tomorrow Too [Ntone]
17. Mark Morris & Unam Zetineb – Mano05 (Ben Gibson Remix) [Mano Recordings]
18. Mike Parker – Forward (The 5 AM Mix) [Prologue]
19. WSR – No Horizon [Contort]
20. Perc – Ma [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
21. Realmz – Nightbreed [Sonic Groove]

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