Matthias Meyer

"I fucking love strings!"

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Matthias Meyer surely isn’t idle these days. Having just returned from a tour in South East Asia, he is already on the way for more gigs, this time in support for his contribution to Watergate’s CD mix series to which he has contributed the 20th installment. We caught up with the prolific DJ and producer just in time before the big Watergate club night at Barcelona’s Pacha, where he will perform along Tiefschwarz and Herr on March 20th. You can win 2×2 tickets for the event and listen to Matthias Meyer’s Watergate mix below for a limited time.



What was the most memorable night you’ve had in Watergate?
That’s a tough question! I have played there a lot and each night was really special in its own way. The night I remember the most was the night when I played there for the first time. It was the release party for Lee Jones Mix CD and I was super nervous but worked out great. Also the night when I had The Drifter for my Thursday nights last summer, we end up playing 4to 5 hours b2b. Such a great vibe on the beloved Waterfloor.

What is your personal Watergate anthem, the track which always makes you think of the club – or maybe only works there?
What I find interesting in my job as a DJ is how tracks work differently in each club, city, country or night. Sometimes the same track can work totally different at Watergate. It always depends on the vibe. But there is one track I heard and played a million times. It’s La Fleur’s “Nightflow (Kenny Larkin Remix)”. it’s not easy to play because it’s a 15 minute long journey but when you go to the toilette and come back, people are still screaming. Okay, it came out on Watergate Records, so maybe that’s why, too.

How did you approach the mix, which happens to be the 20th installment of the Watergate mix series? How did you choose the tracks and why?
I tried to do it the same way as I like to play as a DJ, that means a mix of new stuff, old stuff and unreleased tunes. Plus I throw in some “Meyer classics” as well, tracks I’ve been playing for years like the secret “Innervisions Orchestra Mix” of Underworld. The tracks has to be groovy, House-y, emotional and need to have strings. I fucking love strings!

Two of your own productions are exclusively featured on Watergate 20. Can you tell us a bit more about those and the other two exclusives in the mix?
“LA Strings” is already 2 or 3 years old. I always kept it and tried to improve it because this one is really special to me. I think it’s the first track that reflects my DJ style 100%. Actually, I think I built the whole mix around it. The first version of “Uluwatu” is also pretty old but I just managed to do a new version that fits. For the others: When I got the news about doing the CD I sent a little mailout to my favorite producers and friends. When I got the track from Gorje Hewek & Izhevski I fell in love immediately. It has everything l like in one track, as I said strings! YokoO is a good friend and I am a fan of his music. “Satori” was just to perfect to start with!

What can people expect from your set at Pacha Barcelona? Have you planned anything special?
No, I don’t really plan my sets. Sometimes I start with tracks I really like now and then I will see where I wanna go. Normally I play the first hour(s) like on the CD and then turn it up. It always depends on the crowd and the party. When it’s getting really late I try keep the groove and flair of the CD. But I can do Techno, too. Let’s see how the party goes. Really looking forward!

You’ll play along Watergate veterans Tiefschwarz. What’s your relationship with them? Do you have any particular memories you share with them?
When I started as a DJ, even before my first release in 2006, I was already a fan of Tiefschwarz. I really liked their first House-y releases. I met them the first time at Sonar I think in 2009 for a Audiofly Flying Circus party. That was fun! Now the three of us are Watergate family members, so had some funny nights and I think there are some more coming!

We are giving away 2×2 tickets for Insane presents Watergate with with Matthias Meyer, Tiefschwarz and Herr. Please send us an e-mail with the subject line Watergate until Friday, March 18th!


01. Kettenkarussell – Ten Friends
02. YokoO & Retza – Satori
03. Leafar Legov – Tribal Girls
04. Gorje Hewek & Izhevski – Turgoyakk
05. Matthias Meyer – Uluwatu
06. Johannes Beck – Nachtwache (Tristen Remix)
07. Palms Trax – In Gold
08. Langenberg – Ideosami
09. GHIZ – Shanti Moscow Radio
10. Herzel – Daydreamer (Palms Trax Backroom Office Tool)
11. Hyenah – Soak It feat. Nonku
12. Matthias Meyer – LA Strings
13. Raucherecke – Malibu
14. Alejandro Mosso – Formosa
15. Marco Resmann – Fluid Of Life
16. Underworld – Crocodile (Innervisions Orchestra Mix)
17. Matthias Meyer – Ostinato (Patlac Remix)
18. Vessels – Elliptic (Barker & Baumecker Remix)
19. Efdemin – Parallaxis (Traumprinz Over 2 The End Remix)



Insane presents Watergate w. Matthias Meyer, Tiefschwarz & Herr at Pacha BarcelonaInsane presents Watergate with Matthias Meyer, Tiefschwarz & Herr at Pacha Barcelona
20 March 2016

Line-up: Herr, Matthias Meyer, Tiefschwarz

Tickets: 10€

Pacha Barcelona
Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta
38-0803 Barcelona


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