Having established himself as part of the duo Minilogue, Sebastian Mullaert has intensified his solo output over the past few years. However, the Swedish producer is still keen on collaborating with others, as his recent LP with Eitan Reiter and Kontra’s Ulf Eriksson have shown. On his new solo EP You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos, other friends step up to remix the title track, which in Mullaert’s own words showcases his passion for Free Jazz and the psychedelic realms of the Techno genre. One of those is Joris Voorn, on whose Green label You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos will be released. Listen to his emotionally charged take on the track below our brief interview with Mullaert.


You have been collaborating extensively with other artists recently, like Eitan Reiter and Ulf Eriksson. How did those collaborations about and how would you say do profit from them creatively speaking?
I think it is very interesting to meet different people and personalities in the creative flow. I feel that most of the existent is relationship and connection between everything. Different musical meetings in the studio triggers different aspects of me and help me to find new and unexplored places within.

Considering that You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos will be released on his label, it seems obvious that Joris Voorn would step up for a remix. How did you get to know each other in the first place?
We have known each other for a long time and are good friends, so now we are taking our relationship to a new level!

“We each look at the same molecules in an object, the same physical features on a person, the same stars in a constellation, but each of us sees these differently, each of us has a different experience”, reads a statement by you explaining the EP’s title. How do you see your original of the track and how would you say does Joris’s approach differ, i.e. what did he apparently see in it?
I always feel that it is hard to comment on my own work as I rarely have a specific plan about what I will come out in the creative flow; rather focus on getting into the flow and let something come out in that process. But let’s give it a try: I think that you can hear my love for Free Jazz and Experimental Psychedelic Techno in this track. Joris’ version is to me an epic and emotional symphony, kicking the Jazz out the back door.



You're_an_Orchestra_In_The_CosmosSebastian MullaertYou’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Green)

1. You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Original Mix)
2. You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Blinkarp Dub)
3. You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Joris Voorn Remix)
4. You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Wa Wu We Remix)*
5. You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Rhodes Version)**

*Vinyl only
**Digital only

Format: Vinyl, Download
VÖ: December 11th, 2015


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