Before heading out for a rather extensive tour, Darko Esser returns with a brand new EP for his ongoing Tripeo series. Both cuts represent the core qualities of Esser’s more hardware-orientated side project. Listen to “Untitled #14” below and win two copies along with 2×2 spots on the guest list for his set at Berlin’s Tresor, where Oscar Mulero’s Pole Group will celebrate its fifth birthday.


You have focused extensively on your Tripeo project and have only released one record as Darko Esser in the past two years. What are the differences between the two projects and why did you concentrate on Tripeo?

I just go with the flow basically. When I started the Tripeo project, almost everything that I made in the studio after that fitted the profile. At first I went along with the ride, but when it started to get a live of it’s own including DJ bookings the focus came on it more and more. It still feels like a natural and organic development.

The Tripeo EPs are presented as an ongoing series of releases. Is there a firm concept behind that series and do you plan on working on it indefinitely or will it end at a certain point? What are your plans concerning Tripeo in the near (or far) future?

I don’t have an end for the series in mind just yet. It doesn’t feel finished yet and I have the impression it won’t be for a while. I try to focus on a few key labels for the Tripeo releases and plan not to release to much every year. Maybe a new album could appear at some point, allthough I don’t have any plans for that yet.

Recently, you have also been very active as the label owner of Wolfskuil, which you have founded in 2003. Just a few weeks ago, you have released the debut album of Architectural (also known as Reeko). What were your motivations to found it back then and how has your approach to running a label changed over the past dozen of years?

Album projects is something I would love to do more on the label. I love the format, because it allows an artist to think outside of the sometimes rigid format of singles and go all out inspiration and phantasy wise. I started the labels because I love the idea of putting out new music to fresh ears on a format I love, vinyl. I’m more active nowadays, because of the crazy amount of good music I get send from all over the world. The focus has become more and more on Techno then in the past. That’s because most demos I get send are Techno demos. I just go with the flow and what’s presented to me. But it doesn’t exclude other genres for Wolfskuil. It never has and never will.

We are giving away 2 copies of Seventh Trip along with 2×2 tickets for Tresor Pres. 5yrs PoleGroup with Tripeo on Tuesday, December 29th. Please send us an e-mail with the subject line Tripeo until Monday, December 21st! Please mind that the records can only be picked up at Tresor that night.



TripeoSeventh Trip (Tripeo)

1. Untitled #13
2. Untitled #14

Format: Vinyl
VÖ: December 11th, 2015 (Vinyl)







Tripeo on tour
05/12 Decadance, Gent, Belgium
19/12 Valhalla, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
25/12 MM Rec, Monopoli, Italy
26/12 Ploegendienst, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
29/12 Tresor, Berlin, Germany
15/01 Nitsa, Barcelona, Spain
16/01 Revert, Granada, Spain
29/01 Resistance, Rome, Italy
13/02 Soenda, Utrecht, The Netherlands (b2b w/ ROD)
19/02 DV1, Lyon, France
23/03 About Blank, Berlin, Germany
30/04 PAL, Hamburg, Germany

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