DRUMCELL „I find a lot of bliss in all that noise“ (Video Premiere)

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Moe Espinosa emerged as one of the leading figures of the Los Angeles techno scene over the course of the past decade. He not only runs the influential Droid Behavior nights and its affiliated label Droid Recordings (both together with Vidal and Vangelis Vargas), but has also made a name for himself as a DJ and recording artist. Now he takes to the center stage under his Drumcell moniker with his first full-length artist album Sleep Complex for Chris Liebing’s CLR label. The German record company sent a camera crew across the pond and produced a documentary short film in which Espinosa gives a tour of his stomping ground in East L.A., provides an insight into his working methods in the studio and professes his profound love for analogue gear.


Video: DrumcellSleep Complex Documentary

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