Elena Mikac (Peti Kupe) – GROOVE Resident Podcast 54

For many ravers, Croatia is inextricably linked to the festival season and conjures memories of lush, life-affirming raves on sunny beaches. While that surely is nice, there’s more to the Balkan state than huge festivals organized by foreign crews. A vivid club culture, for example, and, although relatively new to the party, Zagreb’s Peti Kupe is one of its hubs.

As a part of the Dobar House collective, Elena Mikac is a regular in the club’s booth and frequently provides audiences with quality House music. The same goes for the mix she recorded for our Resident Podcast series: Numerous hands-up moments and a vast range of euphoric vocals make for an exhausting dance–be it on the beach or in the club.

What did you have in mind when recording this mix?

My main intention was to blend some of my recent favorite tracks into a cohesive one-hour experience. I also made it a point to showcase some of the artists I follow and admire, giving a nod to their great work.

How does it relate to your residency at the club?

Although my “residency” at Peti Kupe isn’t an official one, it’s been an incredibly cool experience. Peti Kupe is a relatively new club in Zagreb, having been opened about two and a half years ago, but it’s already earned a stellar reputation. The venue is a dynamic space that merges music, arts, education, and gastronomy, hosting a variety of events beyond just electronic music.

As a part of the Dobar House brand, we’ve been involved with Peti Kupe from the beginning, curating some unforgettable house music nights. Over time, other promoters began inviting me to their events at the club, leading to frequent performances, sometimes even multiple times a month. This exposure allowed me to explore various musical genres and subgenres, always striving to blend tracks I love while introducing something new to the audience.

How did your “residency” shape you as a DJ?

While it’s not an official residency, my time at Peti Kupe has been pivotal in my musical development. When I first started playing there, I was relatively new to the “scene”. The club provided me with a platform to perform in front of diverse crowds, allowing me to experiment and understand what resonates with different audiences. This experience has been invaluable in shaping my style and approach to DJing.

What is the crowd like? What’s special about them?

The crowd at Peti Kupe is genuinely passionate about electronic music, which is evident in their enthusiastic feedback and deep knowledge of the genre. Their energy and appreciation create a special atmosphere that makes performing there an unique and rewarding experience.

Can you name a secret weapon that you use frequently?

I have several go-to tracks, but one recent favorite stands out for its ability to elevate the energy and keep the momentum going.

What do you have coming up?

I just returned from an amazing weekend at Barbarellas, a legendary club known for hosting afterparties for almost every festival in Tisno. We kicked off the official season opener with Dobar House. Looking ahead, I have a busy summer lined up with several festivals—though I can’t reveal the details just yet—as well as some smaller gigs by the sea that I’m really excited about.

Track listing:

Omri Smadar, Dj Gear – Check One
Vitess – Water Race
Eden Burns – Big Bark Manifesto (Original Mix)
Cinthie – This Bomb Is Mine (Original Mix)
Fabio Monesi presents MODERN SISTERS – Golden Rain (Original Mix)
Baldo – 1998 (Organ Mix)
Chicken Lips – He Not In (Stanton Warriors She Not In Edit)
Kolter – That Was Fresh (Original Mix)
Barbara Tucker, Tuccillo, Demi Riquísimo – One Desire (Extended Mix)
Aioros – Gamma Velorum (Soulfreq Remix)
Silicone Soul – Chic-O-Laa (H-Foundation Remix)
The Trip – My Paradise (Original Mix)

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