Die Groove DJ-Charts mit Fred P, Gregor Tresher, Machine Woman, Molly, NVST und Schwefelgelb

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Fred P

Fred P (Foto: Marie Staggat)
Fred P (Foto: Marie Staggat)


Jerome Sydenham – CODA [Ibadan Sound]
Fred P – Deeper Meaning [Shall Not Fade]
Dego – Warp 7 [2000BLACK]
Steffi – Agent Of Change [Candy Mountain]
Kyle Hall – Alignment [Forget The Clock]
Fred P – In The Flow [Private Society]
Delfonic – Bring On The Music [Night Shift Spain]
Joaquin Joe Clausell – Subtle Light (Take Two) [Sacred Rhythms]
Fred P – Wonderful & New [Private Society]
Dana Run – The Spirit [Smallville Germany]


Ron Trent presents WARM – What Do The Stars Say To You [Night Time Stories]
Robert Owens – Naked PT.1 [Musical Directions]
Fred P – Abstract Soul [Private Society]

Gregor Tresher

Gregor Tresher (Foto: Presse)
Gregor Tresher (Foto: Presse)


Paul Ritch – Infectious [Revolt]
B.Riley – In Through The Outdoor (Deraout Remix) [Cmd Cntrl]
Laurent Garnier – Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron [Code3 QR]
Marcel Dettmann – Batteries Not Included [Dekmantel]
Dense & Pika – Shank [Uncage]
Axones – Narcosis [Alleanza]
Heiko Laux – Procrastinator [Kanzleramt]
Per Hammar – Returnation [Dirty Hands]
Sama – Tripping Over Wires [Maximalist Minimalist]
Gregor Tresher – Quiet Distortion (Bart Skils Remix) [Break New Soil]


Paul Ritch – Substance [Revolt]
Marcel Dettmann – Fear Of Programming [Dekmantel]
Pig+Dan & Gregor Tresher – Soulcatcher [Truesoul]

Machine Woman

Machine Woman (Foto: Presse)
Machine Woman (Foto: Presse)


Buena Tarde – E N [Take Away Jazz Records]
Anna Kost – Let Me Be [Hotflush]
Tom Jarmey / Ocean Stirs – Pressure [Another Place]
LSMarley – Rite [self release]
ROMsets – Lagg [Take Away Jazz Records]
Surgeons Girl – Ash To Soil [Lapsus Records]
Tiro! – Bailando con Mis Hombres [Roses Are Red]
Dr Mystery – Modern Love [Left, Right & Centre]
Korea Town Acid – Cast Pearls Before Swine [URBNET]
Stella Explorer – Kill It Before It Dies [YEAR0001]


Sijya – Young Hate [Accidental Records]
Actress – Dummy Corporation [Ninja Tune]
E-Saggila – Blaze [Northern Electronics]


Molly (Foto: Charlotte Yonga)
Molly (Foto: Charlotte Yonga)


Calibre – Has to Happen [Signature]
Ben Kaczor – Tramuntana [Dial Rec]
Simoncino – All My Soul [Skylax]
Philipp Priebe – Schimmer [Stolar]
Molly – Palm Tree Right [Km4.5d]
A Guy Called Gerald – At The Mambo [Velocity Press]
Mark Ambrose – Dream Mode [Curated By Time]
Biosphere – Monju-1 [Biophon]
Move D & DMan – All You Can Beat [Smallville]
Jozef K & Tin Man – Perfectly Symmetrical Acid (Evigt Mörker Remix) [Sungate]


Lord Of The Isles – Night Of The Endless Beyond [ESP Institute]
Ben Kaczor – Petrovo Uho [Dial Rec]
Fred P – Signs & Wonders [Private Society]


NVST (Foto: Jurre Nieuwenhuis)
NVST (Foto: Jurre Nieuwenhuis)


Dalle Béton – Les Aléas Du Vin Nat [Krakzh]
GiGi FM – 22 Tear Drops [Bambe]
IC-RED – GOODFUN [South of North]
Phil In A Maze – Share The Snare [Self-released]
Yazzus – Metro City Bay Area [Tresor]
Flore – The Switcher [Polaar]
Emma DJ & Toma Kami – Julia Bashmore [Youth]
Xades – Holding Back [Kommerz Records]
Cassius Select – Where Your Money At (Remix) [Self-released]
Nina Archives – Forbbiden Feelingz [Self-released]


Puce Mary – Stuck [Self-released]
Lostsoundbytes – Parallel Intrusion [Big Science]
Zohar – Object [Self-released]


Schwefelgelb (Foto: Presse)
Schwefelgelb (Foto: Presse)


ANNĒ – 1990 [Soma Records]
Sanna Mun – Excavation [Modwerks]
Schwefelgelb – Whirlpool-Gedanken [n-PLEX]
Michael Klein – In My Own Eyes [Second State]
Curious Knees aka Tafkamp – NL-D1U-22-01001 [Tar Hallow]
RLGN & Locked Club – 2040 [Don’t]
USAW – Solinga [OECUS]
Jacobworld – Division [Emerald]
Oxygeno – Thirty Against One [Lost Verses]
Audio Units – Phaiden Island [PHTM]


AgainstMe – Synopsis [Subsist]
Sedvs – Paradise Lost [Bare Hands Records]
Rotor Militia – Acoustic Movements [Polar Vortex]

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