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There are many producers and DJs from the European continent who call Detroit their spiritual home, but only a few have a connection to the city and its current scene like Annie Hall. Besides a slew of releases on labels like Semantica in her native Spain or the Sheffield-based Central Processing Unit, she has become a fixture in the Detroit Underground universe. Ahead of the release of her forthcoming Statics EP on MUSAR, Ana Artalejo’s contribution to our Groove podcast proves once more that her musical passions do not confine themselves to one city, sound or era alone.



You first got in touch with dance music through your brother, a reggae DJ in Spain. How did you make your way to IDM, techno and electro from there?
My first contact with electronic music was as a teenager, my brother took me to some of the classic clubs in my hometown Madrid. At first I was more into trip-hop and UK club music until I discovered Autechre, Aphex Twin and artists like that. Then everything got started.

You’ve apparently taken your pseudonym from one of Woody Allen’s most famous films. Why this particular name?
I love Woody Allen films since I was a kid, I still do, so it was just the closest to my real name Ana Artalejo. It’s that simple.

Besides your work as a producer, you are a prolific remixer, especially for the Detroit Underground collective. What’s important to you when remixing another artist’s work?
I do love remixing because the fact you can modify and change something already existing is fun. Most importantly, you can be free and make literally whatever you want with it because it’s your own interpretation of the track.

After relocating from Spain to Canada, you’ve frequently spent time in Detroit. What is your relationship with the city like?
Detroit and Windsor are deep in my heart. I lived there for almost six years, just right at the border of both countries, so I’m lucky to say I could deal with art culture of both sides of the river everyday. They are already part of who I currently am.

A while ago, you and Kero started the RVSD company, cutting small runs of records on a machine you’ve bought in Germany. What was your motivation to start the project and are you still active?
We wanted to make our own runs for Detroit Underground and also for local people who were looking for small runs of vinyl. And we did for almost three years, it was a great experience.

What was the idea behind your contribution to our Groove podcast?
Just playing music I like, as I always do!

Last but not least: Where can we see you behind the decks in the near future, and what are your plans as a producer?
I just came back from Poland and Germany this weekend. I think next will be Italy and Madrid.

Stream: Annie Hall – Groove Podcast 174

01. Sense – mmpolyplay2x
02. Konx Om-Pax – Funk On
03. Aphex Twin – 02- 2X202-ST5
04. Evac – Source (Ion Driver Remix)
05. Ben Milstein – Temporary
06. PassEnger – Over the Ocean (Live edit)
07. Cygnus – Technologic
08. Silicon Scally – Rift
09. Answer Code Request – knbn2
10. Exzakt – Feeling
11. Sinert – Frost
12. Kenny Larkin – Manik man
13. Annie Hall – Lavandula (Mattheis Remix)
14. Human League – Things That Dub

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