Photo: Shorouk Zeftawy & Farah Nammar (Nur)

Nur is an Egyptian electronic producer, singer and sound artist currently based in Cairo, Egypt. She recently graduated from Goldsmiths University of London, where she received her Master of Music in Sonic Arts. As the co-founder and co-curator of a monthly “living room” experimental music night “Canale Undici” for experimental music in Cairo, she provides a platform for musicians and producers to showcase their experimental works, whether finished or unfinished. Having already performed at venues such as Café Oto in London or Berlin’s Ausland, she returned to the German capital for a performance at Pop-Kultur. For Groove, Nur has compiled a playlist that captures the sound of contemporary Egypt.


ZULI is Ahmed El Ghazoly — a multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound artist from Cairo, Egypt and co-founder of VENT, a music-space-turned-club-night in Cairo with a sister night and record label based in London. As a key player in the KiK (Kairo is Koming) group and prominent figure in Egypt’s independent music scene for near a decade, his production credits span from post-punk and shoegaze to hip hop and techno. He recently released his second EP Numbers under Lee Gamble’s label UIQ. ZULI also has a monthly show on NTS.”

8. Aya Metwalli

Aya Metwalli is a producer from Cairo, Egypt who thinks gold is the most beautiful element on Earth. Started off with voice and an acoustic guitar, ended up with voice, a computer, some knobs and a shitload of cables.”


FRKTL (frāk’tl) is the solo experimental project of London/Cairo-based audiovisual artist Sarah Badr. She mainly uses Signal processing, field recording, and live instrumental sampling for her productions.”

6. Rozzma

Rozzma is an all-encompassing, multi-instrumental, anonymous Egyptian Shaabi music producer, who has recently emerged in the electronic music scene in Cairo. Rozzma has made appearances in European countries more than in Cairo. He is set to release his first EP Donya Fakka with Acid Arab Records.”

5. Islam Chipsy & EEK

Islam Chipsy and his band EEK are an instrumental Shaabi trio from Cairo, Egypt. Signed to Cairo based label 100 COPIES, the trio has gained a wide audience internationally over the past few years.”


ISMAEL. is an electronic producer based in Cairo, Egypt. He is also a member of the Cairo-based electronic music collective “Kairo Is Koming”.
He is co-founder & co-curator of a monthly “living room” experimental music night “Canale Undici”, that hosts musicians & producers in Cairo to showcase their works.
ISMAEL.’s sounds delve into experimental noise to bass music & techno. He has toured with KIK in cities like Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Basel and many more.
He recently released an EP with Berlin-based label Nous Disques titled “Low Contrast”, which has been described as “cranky, cracked batch of industrially-rooted, grimily forward club music.”

3. Bosaina

Bosaina II is a well-travelled soul, so it’s fitting that her inspiration for making music came from a subway train in a foreign land. The Egyptian-born artist, who also lived in London for several years, sculpts her ambient pieces from soft and hard materials: her shimmering notes and dew-eyed melodies are bathed in the ech-oes of the city – noisy traffic jams, pungent delis, rain-drenched sidewalks and, of course, those shuttling trains. Shot through a deeply singular jazz strain, Bosaina’s music has a fibrous, textural quality to it that feels as if it draws from Actress as much as it does from Miles Davis. Bosaina is releasing her new double EP Two Names Upon The Shore on the label Discrepant.”

2. Nadah El-Shazly

Nadah El Shazly is an Egyptian singer and composer living and working in Cairo. She is currently preparing for the release of her debut album, continuing along her constantly evolving live set, which she has been performing solo on keys, electronics and vocals. Most recently, Nadah became resident composer at Stockholm’s Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) and was featured within local and international festivals including Norbergfestival and Clandestino Fes-tival in Sweden and Masafat at London’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA).”

1. Hussein Sherbini

Hussein Sherbini, co-founder of Epic 101 Studios, part of WETROBOTS & Kairo Is Koming collec-tive, is a producer/visual artist known for his vast experimentation with sound design and concep-tual visuals. Following the release of his debut solo EP Fairchile and a track signing with famous french label ‘Kitsune’, Sherbini began to further experiment with different sounds that continue to push the boundaries of dance music and genres. He has maintained the reputation of using a vari-ety of weird instruments, analog synthesisers and custom made microphones in his music. In 2015, Hussein released his first album titled ‘ELECTRO CHAABI’. The album gained a lot of attention due to it’s title and the fact that the it is not considered Electro chaabi, in fact it was a marketing stunt revealed within the album. Apart from the music, Hussein co-owns a music production studio/school that teaches young Egyptian talents modern music production methods and he is currently working on a Live performance curriculum as well as an Interactive visuals curriculum to introduce a change in the Egyptian arts and performance scene.”

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