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Marco Carola’s Music On Ibiza is an ever-extending entity. This year’s season sees the crew around the Italian DJ taking the decks of the island’s most notorious club, Amnesia, longer than ever, from May until October. Also Joey Daniel’s rite of passage into the Music On world was a certified trip, an 11 hour long DJ set. We caught up with the Dutch DJ before he returns to Amnesia this Friday to play along Paco Osuna at Amnesia’s Club Room, while Carola and Matthias Tanzmann will bring their signature sound to the Terrace.



How long have you been part of the Music On family – and how did your connection to Marco and the team develop?
This is my third year with Music On. It all started four years ago at a Music On after party. I was recommended to the Music On musical director by people that saw and heard me play in Rotterdam, on my solo night. When I came to Ibiza I was invited to play at one of their after parties and I played for 11 hours, that was my first time with Music On. Everything changed after that, I joined Orbeat Bookings and became a member of the Music On family the year after. The first year I played one date at Amnesia, last year I played five and this summer I am doing seven dates.

Music On is one of the strongest brands on Ibiza – what do they do differently and what’s the secret of their success in your opinion?
Music On has an strong musical identity, all the artists invited are strongly connected to each other and at the same time we all have a different musical style. I think all together that makes it unique, like a platform with all kinds of different DJs and styles that are all merged and fit perfectly. And this ethos is kept, not with a very big line-up but with a big and strong musical identity. People know what they are about to get when they go to Music On. 

What characterises your relationship with each other? 
Our relationship is amazing, we are all strongly connected as I previously mentioned. Also we all share a common love and passion for music.

How would you describe the musical identity of the Music On events?
Bass, Dub, Rock & Roll!

Which three tracks won’t leave your playlist this summer?
Eder Alvarez & Joey Daniel – I Wanna, Art Life – HOWL008.4 und Hermanez – Fabel (Joey Daniel Remix)

Music On Ibiza
July 14, 2017

Line-up: Joey Daniel, Matthias Tanzmann, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola

Carretera Ibiza a San Antonio
07816 Ibiza

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