Photos: Press/Private (Anthony Parasole)

Off The Tracks intends to change roles offering a weekly contribution narrated by various artists in- and outside the electronic music scene. Up next is the American DJ, producer and label owner Anthony Parasole who has just released his debut album Infrared Vision on Dekmantel. Living in two cities, New York and Berlin, he compares both with each other, reflecting upon the pros and cons of either city.



I currently live more in Brooklyn, NY where I was born and raised. I grew up in a little neighborhood called Bath Beach – I’ve only ever lived in Brooklyn but later moved throughout the years and currently live in Prospect Heights which is a really nice neighborhood to live in. Great food, nice coffee shops and things to do, plus it’s close to Manhattan by train.

View from my apartment building

In Berlin, I’ve set up a comfy little living situation that lets me get comfortable and enjoy Berlin whilst also keeping my daily schedule like going to the gym and other things that I like to do on daily basis. When my gigs are over, I head back to Brooklyn as that’s where my family is, as well as my studio and things. When I’m in Berlin for long stretches I get a little homesick sometimes, I guess that’s kinda normal for anyone. Just the comfort aspect of being around friends and family, although when I’m in Brooklyn I always get to the point when I want to be back in Berlin to be around and get inspired by that creative spirit.

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