Foto: Aldo Paredes (The Black Madonna)

“If you have enough, just give something away,” says Marea Stamper to Andreea Magdalina, founder of the network, which aims at empowering women in the music industry. Magdalina spoke with Stamper, best known under her DJ and producer alias The Black Madonna, for the launch of Smirnoff Sound Collective’s fourth installment of the project’s Tribes documentary series, Equalizing Music. The documentary movie, released today for International Women’s Day, focuses on The Black Madonna’s success story and the story of fellow Ugandan DJ Rachael. Equalizing Music aims to achieve gender parity in electronic dance music by 2020. After all, one way of supporting the marginalised is by giving something away if you already have enough. Equalizing Music kicks off in Berlin today on Kater Blau’s new Säälchen floor with performances by Hito, Jennifer Cardini, La Fleur, Sarah Farina and Uta.

First, have a listen to The Black Madonna in conversation with Andreea Magdalina of about accomplices, awareness in clubs and feminist parenting.

Stream: The Black Madonna in Conversation with Andreea Magdalina

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