The first release on Hector’s own label VL Recordings is very obviously a passion project. The compilation collects tracks by members of his own Vatos Locos crew and is presented as a vinyl release in two installments which will be released digitally with bonus tracks on February 15th. We’ve talked to the Mexican producer and DJ as well as with Randall M, whose contribution “C + D” you can exclusively stream below.




How did you get to know Randall M and what made you include him in your Vatos Locos crew and subsequently include his track on the inaugural release?

We met after I discovered his music online and I was following what he was doing. Then in I Ibiza I got the chance to meet him, we hung out and became really good friends. I wanted him to be part of the crew as his music really stood out to me and I knew he would have a great contribution towards Vatos Locos, we also get on so well which is a big factor when working so closely together on projects.

Vatos Locos Forever is focusing on vinyl as well as digital, which you have explained has to do with both your work at London’s Phonica Records and your feeling comfortable with the medium itself. As someone who has gained insights into a lot of fields within the music industry, where do you think the current vinyl boom will lead?

Producing a pressing vinyl is a much longer process from start to finish, so I would like to think that, in theory, the vinyl boom will lead to only more quality music being released as more patience is required. Other platforms, where the process is a lot quicker can lead to people releasing tracks upon tracks in such a short space of time, in an already oversaturated market, and the music can get a bit generic sounding. Quality over quantity is always a great rule to live by.

Talking about sustainability: The title of the first release on your own imprint is Vatos Locos Forever. What however are your plans with it for the immediate future?

Well, for now I will be concentrating on the next release from VL Recordings which will be a solo EP from myself and is coming out around April, it’s called Jacuzzi Killer. The rest of the crew have upcoming releases which I’m really excited about, and for the future I will always be on the look out for new artists and new music for the label.



Randall M

Randall M

You’re a relentless traveller and 2015 has taken you to many different places. What memorable experiences have you made in the past year while on tour?

Most memorable experiences I have are with the great people I meet on the road. Whether its other DJs that Ive played with, old friends who come out to shows, or even strangers that come to the after parties that I end up becoming friends with, its all about the people that all share a similar love for the music. For me this is one of the best parts about the whole techno world. Some specific moments on the road for me have been a marathon Russian weekend where I played Friday night 5 hours b2b with Enzo (Siragusa) at Rodnya in Moscow, got on a train to St. Petersburg where I played all night and morning at Stackenschneider until noon, got back on the train with no sleep and went back to Moscow to play the Trust party with Nick Curly and Margaret Dygas. That was a weekend for the books. Also the tINI & the Gang opening party last season playing for my first time at Ibiza Underground was very special. And last but not least the past two BPM Festival’s with Hector’s party, Vatos Locos, they have been really good, hanging with close friends on the Mexican beach, you can’t really beat that.

You have been quite active as a DJ before you started releasing music. What took you so long?

Yeah, I started spinning 12 years ago actually in Tallahassee, Florida in 2004. With Hip Hop I was making many of my own edits, taking older acapellas and recording them over the new Pop beats. This is actually how I kept sane towards the later years of my Hip Hop career. I knew the people wanted to hear these new Pop beats but I usually couldn’t stand the lyrics so I would take old acapellas from some of my favorite tracks and drop them over the new beats, which kept both sides happy. As far as the techno, I am a DJ first and foremost, not a producer. Producing is something that’s quite new to me and I’m still trying to learn so much about it but my real passion is digging for records. Ive never wanted to use a ghost producer and I enjoy doing everything on my own so thats why my output has been pretty low in the last few years. Most of time and energy has gone to digging for music and perfecting my DJ craft. I am now building a studio in Berlin and going to really start diving into the production world and hope to come up with some new fresh material soon.

You have also made a name for yourself a prolific remixer. What is important for you when approaching a remix?

It’s important that I really like the parts and feel they are something I can work with. I dont necessarily have to like the original track so much but as long as there are some cool sounds in it to work with then I’m up for it.


Stream: Randall MC + D


Hector & Various ArtistsVatos Locos Forever (VL Recordings)

Part 1
1. Hector – Fazer
2. David Gtronic – Sacaroca
3. Randall M – C+D
4. Hanfry Martinez – Catinati

Part 2

1. Chad Andrew – Nemea
2. Javier Carballo – Cold Nights
3. Sece – Kotti
4. Pinto – Hyna

Format: 2×12″, digital
VÖ: January 25th 2016 (vinyl), February 15th 2016 (digital)


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