ROMY XX Groove Podcast 11

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Picture: Claudia Rorarius

When being asked about her favourite bands during the interview for our current issue, Romy Madley Croft, the guitarist and singer of The xx, promptly confessed her love for Fleetwood Mac. A few days later an e-mail arrived from her record label, containing a mixtape by Romy split into two MP3 files, which ended with Fleetwood Mac’s “Brown Eyes”. Further inquiries about the mix didn’t bring in much apart from the information that Romy originally recorded the tape for her private use, but we were allowed to share it. Although Romy pointed out in the interview that The xx’s musical style results from the combination of all three member’s tastes, it is safe to say that her mix offers more than a glimpse of the influences that informed the eagerly awaited second album of the band. Featuring tracks and songs from artists as diverse as Factory Record’s The Durutti Column, Arthur Russell and Everything But The Girl it will certainly help to shorten the wait before the release of Coexist in early September and we are more than glad to being able to share it.



Download (MP3, 128 kBit/s, 28:19 Min., 27,4 MB)
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Romy xxI think of you (Mixtape)

Side A

1. The Durutti Column – Sketch For Summer
2. Arthur Russell – Lucky Cloud
3. Glasser – T
4. Electrelane – Birds

Side B

1. Everything But The Girl – On My Mind
2. Elastica – My Sex
3. Elizabeth Harper – Rock Like A Baby
4. Fleetwood Mac – Brown Eyes

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