August 2021: Die einschlägigen Compilations

Die einschlägigen Compilations im August – mit Other People, Chill Pill III, Paloma Bar, Peach Discs, Nous'Klaer und Tolouse Low Trax.

“I’m Not So Bad at This”: Meet Knopha, China’s Most Important Low-Key DJ

Having endured draconian anti-virus measures, China’s club scene is back on its feet again. Jaime Chu follows the low-key Knopha around the country and tells the story of a DJ who connects disparate scenes as effortlessly as he blends different styles in his sets.

「原來做得還不算太差。」:認識中國最重要的低調DJ Knopha

經歷了嚴峻的新冠疫情,中國地下俱樂部的場景在年中重整旗鼓。 Jaime Chu跟隨Knopha走訪各地的派對,試圖了解一個低調的音樂人在看似穿梭於截然不同的場景之間游刃有餘的背後,是如何把DJ的工作做到極致。