Die GROOVE DJ-Charts mit The Glitz, Sabu!, The Muffin Man, Sova, Gina Demarchi, Justin Tinderdate und Mathias Schaffhäuser

The Glitz

The Glitz (Foto: Marie Staggat)


The Glitz – Golden [Glitz Audio]
Beth Gibbons – Floating on A Moment [Domino]
Malikk – Attitudes [Mood Child]
Bassbin Twins – Woppa [Self-released]
Helium – Try Me [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Andreas Henneberg – Empathy [SNOE]
Beth Lydi – About The World [SNOE]
Jeff Beck – Pull It [Deuce Music]
Cascandy – Shaking Hands [Cascandy]
Tigermilch – Liane W. [Tigermilch]


Nils Frahm – Day [LEITER]
Yussef Kamaal – Black Focus [Brownswood Recordings]
Lana Del Rey – Did you Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd [Polydor Records]


Sabu! (Foto: Felix Adler)


Andy Farley & BK – Beef Jerky [Nukleuz Records]
The Snail – U & Aye [Digital Snail]
Eversines – Plooi [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Groove Control – Time To Get Funky [Cheeky Tracks]
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (BK Remix) [Tidy Trax]
Jimmy Batt – Data X [Opia]
Paul King – Odyssey Part 2 (Ilogik & Paul Janes Remix) [Vicious Circle Recordings]
X CLUB. – Inna Trance [G-Town Records]
Lexicon Avenue – Why R U Here (The Hard Mix) [Saw Recordings]
Interplanetary Criminal – Never [Self-released]


Dead Prez – RBG-Revolutionary But Gangsta [Sony]
Noma – Navigator [Spiral Trax]
Round One to Round Five – 1993-99 [Main Street Records]

The Muffin Man

The Muffin Man (Foto: Presse)


TOSS PORTAL – Flight fm [Hinge Finger]
Louwave & Splinter – Doom Drummer [NECHTO]
Burna – 8bar [Self-released]
FRAN LF – Anger Management (Original Mix) [Self-Released]
HLLW – Party for Ants (Rove Ranger Remix) [Basislager]
BASHKKA – DeFol (Hyperaktivist Remix) [UMAY]
Y U QT – She’s a ten but… Dub [Self-Released]
BJF – Dengue [Self-Released]


CVNSUMED – V + 1008D Means Of Control [Void+1 Recordings]
Lewis. – Night rider [Digital Structures]
BOTL – Encrypted [Unfair Records]


Sova (Foto: Chris Mayer)


Manuel Fischer – Doctor Rattlesnakes Perception Of Homes Resonance [Ozelot Records]
sEmoa – inside out [Self-released]
Polygonia – Shen Wai Shenfa [Midgar]
Nanky Nimbo – Twilight [swapshop]
MoMA Ready – I Could Kiss You [Self-released]
Etienne – Transmission X EP [Reductive Records]
Anthony Naples & DJ Python – Entouré [Air Texture]
Fauna Extincta – Everything Is A Green Screen [Kimchi]
Matthew Dexter – Yantra Radionica [Foundation]
Tiago Walter – What’s More Special EP [JISUL]


PARADISE 3001 – Selected works from between 1992 and 1995 [Sound Metaphors]
VA – The Beat By DJ Spun (Vol 3) [Above Boards Project]
Jonny From Space – back then I didn’t but now I do [Incienso]

Gina Demarchi

Gina Demarchi (Foto: Presse)


The Good Men X Lisa Stansfield (Mark Broom Edit) [Self-released]
Player 018 – Player [Self-released]
Beau Didier – Live Fast [Loud Pressings]
Mark Broom – I Want [Rekids]
Gina Demarchi – Organic (Arta Fact Remix) [OBSCUUR]
Lars Huismann – Carimbó [OAKS]
Disguised – Emergency Call [Stützpunkt]
Dokker – Jazzy Limbo [Märked]
6 Sense Higher & Higher [Self-released]
Mark Williams – Next 21s [Hardgroove]


VA – Federation Of Rytm III [Mutual Rytm]
Hoodkitchen – Undivulged [Undivulged]
VA – ASW 003 [ASW]

Justin Tinderdate

Justin Tinderdate (Foto: Felix Adler)


Bellaire – Daytime [AOC Records & Allo Floride Records]
Outer909 – Movimento Lento [Thump Out Traxx]
X-Club – Feel The Beat [HIDE THE JUNK]
Brutalismus 3000 – Die Liebe Kommt Nicht Aus Berlin [recordJet]
Heggemann – Vibration [Warner Music Central Europe]
Ned Bennett – Place 2 Be [Self-released]
Zisko – Free Your Mind [UNCAGE]
Mitch Freeman – Let‘s Get Movin’ [Self-released]
Chris Stussy – Desire [CSS]
Ede, Deckert,Sargland – Immer (Narciss “Venice” Remix) [Running Back]


3LNA – Herz Bricht [Sous Music]

Mathias Schaffhäuser

Matthias Schaffhauser (Foto: Presse)
Matthias Schaffhauser (Foto: Presse)


Hrdvsion – Captivated Heart / Nathan Fake Remix [Creaked]
Roska – Foundation [Roska Kicks & Snares]
AYJAY NILS – Microdosing EP [Mille Plateaux]
Katerina – One EP [Rekids]
Sully & Salo – Nights [Astrophonica]
Alec Troniq – The Aviating [Broque]
CCTemple – Another Round of C120 [I.O.T Records]
Syncia – ITs TIME [ReleaseLDN/The Kneads]
DSTRTD SGNL – Bass in Your Face [Phuture Wax Records]


Paranoid London – Arseholes, Liars and Electronic Pioneers [Paranoid London]
HEAVEE – Unleash [Hyperdub]
Ike Yard – 1982 [Dark Entries]

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TSVI: „Es muss nicht immer total verrückt sein”

Groove+ In Porträt verrät der Wahllondoner TSVI, wie sein einzigartiger Stilmix entsteht – und wie er als Anunaku Festival-Banger kredenzt.

Time-Warp-Macher Robin Ebinger und Frank Eichhorn: Die Musik auf anderen, subtilen Ebenen erfahrbar machen

Groove+ Die Time Warp ist die größte Indoor-Techno-Party Europas, demnächst feiert sie ihren 30. Geburtstag. Wir haben mit ihren Machern gesprochen.