Die Groove DJ-Charts mit Ana Rs, Azo, Best Boy Electric, Coco Cobra, Melanie Havens und UTA

Ana Rs

Ana Rs (Foto: Presse)


Batu – In Tongues [A Long Strange Dream]
Function – Aeternum [Infrastructure New York]
Paleman – 25mg [30D Records]
Psyk – Spires [NON Series]
Sev Dah – Audio Grape [Dust In Grooves]
Divide & Jonas Kopp – CO LAB 004 A [Tremsix]
Conceptual – Pour La Vie [Semantica]
Tensal – Revenge (Anthony Linell Remix) [KR3 Records]
VSK – Ottimizzazione [47]
Orphx – Slipping Through My Fingers [MORD x RYC]


Surgeon – Crash Recoil [Tresor Records]
Rrose – Please Touch [Eaux]
Andrea – Due In Color [Ilian Tape]


Azo (Foto: Joshua Simon Loiseau)


DJ B – Let U Drop [Da Demolition Squad]
Not even noticed – Radiance [Craigie Knowes]
JKS – Electric Dance Workout [Smile Sessions]
Lawrence Lee – Angels [Amniote Editions]
Cristofeu – Trip [Discoteca]
Dylan Fogarty – Someday (Volpe Remix)  [Voxnox]
VA – Prescription Thuggery EP [Cantina Cuts]
Faff – BJ’s On The Beach [Planet Euphorique]
Angel D’lite – Dream 2 Reality [Nehza Records]
Karlita – Early Riddim [Monstart]


Match Box – Vantage Point w/ Bliss Inc. Remix [Goddezz]
Viikatory – Isolated Material [Self-released]
Fabrice Lig – The Mental Bandwidth [Elypsia]

Best Boy Electric

Best Boy Electric (Foto: Presse)


LUZ1E – Escapism [Mechatronica]
Imogen – Granular Tears [Voitax]
Animistic Beliefs – Oyo De Las Grayas [brokntoys]
Plant43 – Golden Waxcap [AC Records]
11SCHNULL – FRONT ROW CHATTER [Juicy Gang Records]
Yazzus – Human Error Processor [Tresor]
SIM80 – Reflex Ai [AC Records]
BACK – Dark Vector [Sigourney Discs]
Israel Vines – Rage Afterever (Further Reductions Mix) [Interdimensional Transmissions]
Matti Turunen – Aureum [Cultivated Electronics]


The Exaltics – Retrospective [Solar One Music]
Ekman – The Strange Vice of.. Ekman – Part 1 [Creme Organization]

Coco Cobra

Coco Cobra (Foto: Christian Weidner)


SHA RU – Duga Bass [Jupiter4]
Sun People – Reconnect (Step By Step) [Nehza Records]
POLO LILLI – LMSYD (Greazus Remix) [Super Sonic Booty Bangers]
Pura Pura & Hyas – Speakers [Self-released]
DJ Fucks Himself & Mathis Ruffing feat. $ombi – Die Nuss [Raiders]
Bell Curve – Bassline Conga [Seilscheibenpfeiler]
Ray Kandinski – Dance [Self-released]
Bass Toast – Golden Spunk [Cosmic Breeze]
Kamoun – Switchover [Sketchy Lines]
Urte – Off World [Coyote Records]


Translucid – Are you afraid of being replaced by the AI? [Terenor Records]
Genus Aix – Heavy Metal, Solid State [INDEX:Records]
XL MOOD – Expressing Flaws Or Die Hiding [Self-released]

Melanie Havens

Melanie Havens (Foto: Presse)


Kris Baha & Ghosts In The Machine – Flesh & Code [Power Station]
King Hiss – Butcher (Helsmoortel Remix) [Self-Release]
SDH – Hectic [Avant! Records]
Border. – Consent (Chris Shape and Miss Lucifer Remix) [Miseria]
Lorenzo Mancino – September (Munsinger Remix) [Crave Tapes]
BXTR – Talos Vein (Blame The Mono Remix) [Agora Records]
Asymmetric 80 – Agora (Randstad Remix) [Sharped Records]
Dagga – Open Sesame  [Self-Release]
Manni Dee x River Moon – HOT [Silk + Steel]
MRD – Last Dance [Live From Earth Klub]


Mareux – Lovers From The Past [Warner Records/Revolution Records]
MRD – L​ø​vehjerte [Live From Earth Klub]
Hyroglifics – I’ll Wait, I Guess [Critical Music]


UTA (Foto: Sunnstudio)


Pearson Sound vs Hardrive – Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Edit) [Night Slugs]
Low End Activist – Dry Chat, Wet Rag [Sneaker Social Club]
Mumdance x Logos – Drum Boss [Tectonic Plates]
Lektor Scopes – Dirty Games (Girl Unit Remix) [Night Slugs Classix Remixed]
R.I.P. Productions – Pick Me UP (Licensed Mix) [Ice Cream Records]
Ikonika & 45Diboss – Heart Racing [Night Slugs]
Etch – Fear Of An Acid Planet (Justin Jay Remix) [Bangers Only] 
M&M Feat. Rachel Wallace – Don’t Stand In My Way [Suburban Base Records]
Confidence Man x Daniel Avery – On & On (Again) Edit [Polydor Records]
DAF – Als Wär’s Das Letzte Mal [Virgin Records]


Grian Chatten – Chaos For The Fly [Partisan Records]
Squid – O Monolith [Warp Records]
Turnstile – Glow On [Roadrunner Records]

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