Die Groove DJ-Charts mit Arthur, ERIS, Fais Le Beau, Justin Strauss, Oriana und The Chronics


Arthur (Foto: Soundcloud)


Hedzoleh Soundz – Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz (Mark Ernestus Remix) [Meakusma]
Tapes – Mighty [Unreleased]
Calibre – B1 [Unreleased]
Struktur – Mycelium [Struktur]
Semtek – Denny Island [Rubadub]
DJ Bwin – Cell Phone [First Second Label]
Flore ‎– Legacy & Broken Pieces [Polaar]
Cleyra – Soft Bloom [Club Night Club]
Undefined – Into The Light Dub [Khaliphonic]
Sean Rickman – Weed Is Healing [Amazon]


DJ Black Low – Impumelelo [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Koshiro Hino – GEIST II [Nakid]
Pan American – In Daylight Dub [Foam On A Wave]


ERIS (Foto: Palma Llopis)


Yate – Okno [Rawax]
Various – Flight Mode 002 [Flight Mode]
Baffa – Day 4 [Pa’Volar]
ERIS – Sagittarius A [Warning]
Kage – Nightvision [Curated By Time]
Sepehr – Diaspora EP [Planet Euphorique]
Qant – Moonsick EP [Holding Hands]
Enrica Falqui – Divine Timing [Undersound Recordings]
YTP – Continuum [Crazed Behaviour]
Montei – Justin Case EP [Pryma]


Neural Network – Unreleased Excerpts from 1997 [re:discovery records]
Maara – The Ancient Truth [Step Ball Chain]
VA – Vapordub – An Introduction To Contemporary Psychedelic Music – Vol. 1 [Bamboo Shows]

Fais Le Beau

Fais Le Beau (Foto: Presse)


Reformed Society – Constant State Of Hustle [Basic Moves]
Blueberry – Can’t Hold It [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Solar Plexus – Full Tilt (Full On Mix) [Opia]
Alex Kassian – Voices (Materia Mix) [Test Pressing Recordings]
Match Box – Cyber Sunshine (Angel D’lite & Eoin DJ Remix) [Goddezz]
Cleveland – PrydBK [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Saoirse – RM1 [fabric Records]
Couple Looking – For K+ [Funnuvojere Records]
FAFF – Just Like Addiction [Planet Euphorique]
Baraka – Word Of Content (Spray Remix) [One Eye Witness]


Josh Caffé – Poppa Zesque [Phantasy]
Sleep D – Electronic Arts [Butter Sessions]
131bpm – Another World [Body Language Berlin]

Justin Strauss

Justin Strauss (Foto: Presse)


Roisin Murphy And DJ Koze – Can’t Replicate [Ninja Tune]
Love Tempo – The One (Reznik & Mikesh Remix) [Razor-N-Tape]
De Lux – What’s Life (Idjut Boys Remix) [White Label]
Gameboyz – Chicken & Drugs (Shkema Remix) [Nein Records]
Phenomenal Handclap Band – It Was The Summer (Each Other Remix) [Razor-N-Tape]
Josh Caffé – You [Phantasy Records]
ELO – La Pampara [Major Records]
GRNDWRK feat. Robert Owens – The Light (Chez de Milo Remix) [Fate and Fiction Records]
Uabos & Andrea Tempo – Blue Tornado [Slow Motion Records]
Decius – Look Like A Man [The Leaf Label]


Róisín Murphy – Hit Parade [Ninja Tune]
Sparks – The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte [Island Records]
Kasper Bjørke Quartet – Mother [Kompakt Records]


Oriana (Foto: Presse)


Boy Harsher – LA [Nude Club]
Linja – Lame Saiginae [Calypso]
L.F.T – Stay Away From the Light [Osàre! Editions]
Theo Muller Feat Djokovic – Tchiokawa [KRAKZH]
Oblaka – Break the Circle [LTE]
Borghesia – Mi Smo Povsod = We Are Everywhere [Play It Again Sam]
Sexual Purity – Wake up [Self-released]
Flower Storm – Demon King [Flower Storm]
Sad Madona – Idole feat. Mega Sega Drive Club (Skelesys Remix) [Oráculo Records]
Cassius Select – WHERE U AT [Panel]
Identified Patient – Elevator music for Headbangers [Nerve Collect]


Costo Humano – Puerta Negra [Oráculo Records]
Shad Shadows – Minor Blues [Disko Obscura]

The Chronics

The Chronics (Foto: Presse)


Funk Assault – Signing Your Own Post [Primal Instinct]
Levzon – Baraa (RUIZ OSC1 Remix) [Frenzy Records]
DJ Swisherman – Pourin Up [Numerus Records]
François X – Infinite Anthems [XX Lab Records]
ANNĒ – Trinity [Life In Patterns]
Pink Concrete – Lost Satellite (Lindsay Herbert Remix) [Bipolar Disorder Records]
Bours – Killa Killa [Selected]
LB aka LABAT – Lambo [Poumpet Records]
Kev Koko – Roof [Self-released]
The Chronics – S2S [Panorama DE]


Deepchord – Auratones [SOMA]
MCR-T – Fuck You Play Me [Live From Earth Klub]
VA – RAW Summer Hits [RAW]

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Sachsentrance: „Es geht vorwärts, knallt und ist irgendwie happy”

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Héctor Oaks: Alle unter Strom setzen

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Loraine James: Nicht immer in der Mitte von allem sein

Groove+ Loraine James definiert derzeit elektronische Musik. Im Porträt erfahrt ihr, wie ihre Identität in ihre Tracks einfließt.