Die Groove DJ-Charts mit Elena Colombi, Martha Van Straaten, Mor Elian, San Proper, Stump Valley und X-Coast

Elena Colombi

Elena Colombi (Foto: Presse)
Elena Colombi (Foto: Presse)


Egg Meat – Egg Meat [Alien Jams]
Novo Line – Zeit [Osàre! Editions]
Nuevo Prohibido – Transhumanista [Jupiter4]
Itoa – Oh No [Exit Records]
Brainwaltzera – Medal Headz [FILM]
Fluctuosa – Blufftro [Tirecords]
Benedikt Frey – 1987 [R.I.O.]
Hoover1 – Hoover 1-5 [Hoover]
Beau Wanzer x Hieroglyphic Being – 4 Dysfunctional Psychotic Release & Sonic Reprogramming Purposes Only [Natural Sciences]
ORPHIC – Shelter EP [E2-E8]


Zaliva-D – 孽儿谣 Misbegotten Ballads [SVBKVLT]
Violetov General – Gentle Reactor [Osàre! Editions]
Y Bülbül, Yumurta – Not One, Not Two [Pingipung]

Martha Van Straaten

Martha Van Straaten (Foto: Martha Van Straaten)
Martha Van Straaten (Foto: Martha Van Straaten)


Nuri feat Clap Clap – OMG [Shouka]
Secret Act – Are You Okay? [Self-released]
Tofu Resistance – Thurídur [YNFND]
AFAR – Tell me more [Laut&Luise]
Bakur – Passages Vol. 1 [Shika Shika]
Daniel Haaksman – La Mujer Dormida [Man Recordings]
Populous – Moonbaton Vol.1 [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Kusht – Window Revolver [Amselcom]
Maugli – Alma Remixes [YNFND]
Dandara – Conjuring the Past [Lost in Luise]


Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul – Tropical Dancer [DEEWEE]
Various Artists – A Guide to the Birdsong of Western Africa [Shika Shika]

Mor Elian

Mor Elian (Foto: Mor Elian)
Mor Elian (Foto: Mor Elian)


Rhyw – Honey Badger [Voam]
Pariah – Squishy Windows [Fever AM]
Objekt – Bad Apples [objekt005]
Bitter Babe – Nadie lo puede parar [Tratratrax]
Binary Digit – Sneaking Out Of The Club [Self-released]
Maara – Princess Express [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Interplanetary Criminal – Coming On Strong [Time Is Now]
Hassan Abou Alam – Ice [Nehza Records]
Mosca – Shut Everything Down [Rent]
Talismann – Hoar [Talismann Records]


Cameron Morse – The Truth Is [LuckyMe]
Batu – Opal [TIMEDANCE]
Grouper – A I A : Dream Loss [Kranky]

San Proper

San Proper (Foto: Soundcloud)
San Proper (Foto: Soundcloud)


Arbeit Adelt! / Marcellus Pittmann / Hieroglyphic Being – Yellow Jackets Vol. 5 [Yellow Jackets]
Figi & San Proper – A Place For Love EP [Personality Disorder]
Joaquin Claussell – The Ascension of Light and Wisdom [Sora]
K.O.G. – Zone 6 Remixed [Heavenly]
Jeroboam – Freakshow [Space Grapes]
Dez Andres – Wepa Sepa [Future Rootz]
Henderson & Whitfield – Dancin’ To The Beat [Backatcha]
Lady D – I’m Yours Tonight [Thank You]
I.B.M. – Computer Love [Schatzi]
Joey Beltram – Beltram Volume 2 [R&S]


San Proper – Ferotones [Dopeness Galore]
De Witte Kunst – De Witte Kunst [Magnetron]
William Kincaid – Altered Ground [Nation]

Stump Valley

Stump Valley (Foto: Presse)
Stump Valley (Foto: Presse)


Space Ghost feat. Teddy Bryant – Heaven Sent [Peoples Potential Unlimited]
Benedek – Zebrano [Apron]
Azura – Theme From Azura [World Building]
Lucia Ponti – Dimmi Bello [Ermes Version]
Omar S & Troi Alexis – Can’t Explain [FXHE]
Theo Parrish feat. Maurissa Rose – It’s Out Of Your Control [Sound Signature]
Feater – Positive People [International Feel]
Nice Girl – Look At That Thing [Public Possession]
Amane – Moments of Solace [Musica Macondo]
Hermit In A Rave Cave – Hermit In A Rave Cave Pt.1 [Clone Jack for Daze]


Folie 2 – Folie 2 [Themes from Great Cities]
Future Sound of London – A Space Of Partial Illumination E7.02 [fsoldigital.com]
RAMZi – Hyphea [Music From Memory]


X-Coast (Foto: Presse)
X-Coast (Foto: Presse)


X-Coast – Pianissimo EP [Steel City Dance Discs]
The Immortals – Mortal Kombat (DJ Plant Texture Edit) [Self-released]
DJ Y – Cheech Wizard [Faces Of Bass]
Hoover1 – Hoover1-5 [nOWt]
Tommy Holohan – Heaven’s Passage [Steel City Dance Discs]
Tim Reaper – Give Me More [Future Retro London]
The Miller – Stockholm [Anaoh]
Various Artists – The Atlantic Connection EP [Riviera]
Gaetek – Fragments 2930 EP [Conforce]
Samuel L Session – Funk De Luxe EP (Remaster) [Rotation]


DJ Gigola – Fluid Meditations LP [Live From Earth Klub]
Shygirl – Nymph LP [Because Music]
Caterina Barbieri – Spirit Exit LP [Light-Years]

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28 Fragen: Gudrun Gut

Groove+ Andere bezeichnen sie als Underground-Ikone, Grande Dame und Musik-Legende – wir haben Gudrun Gut einfach 28 gute Fragen geschickt.

Rene Wise: „Wenn der Loop was taugt, darf er sich nicht ändern!”

Groove+ Rene Wise ist ein junger Techno-DJ, der Jeff Mills noch ernst nimmt und ein DJ-Set nicht als Sprint, sondern als Marathon begreift. Warum? Erklärt er im Porträt.

Berliner Clubarbeitenden Gewerkschaft: „Auch wir wollen eine Work-Life-Balance haben”

Die BCG veranstaltet zum Tag der Arbeit einen Demo-Rave, um auf ihre Belange aufmerksam zu machen. Wir haben ihr gesprochen.