Die Groove DJ-Charts mit LUZ1E, Resom, RVDS, Ryan James Ford, Simple Symmetry und Voiski


LUZ1E (Foto: Presse)
LUZ1E (Foto: Presse)


Cyan85 – 0341 Gate [Curtis Electronix]
Dagga – Inert Hologram [Jupiter 4]
Jensen Interceptor & Viikatory – I just want 2 dance [International Chrome]
N9oc – Memory Allocator [Die Orakel]
Raavel – Insect Replicant [Juicy Gang Records]
Scuro – Signs of Unsettlement [Klakson]
Siu Mata & Amor Satyr – AHE [Hardline]
Turk Turkelton – Greatest Bass EP [Habibi Bass]
Various Artists – Planet Destroyed [Avoidant Records]
YTP – DNA [Childsplay]


DJ Swagger – Minor Major Grand Schemes [Goddess Music]
Nite Fleit – Day Fleit / Nite Fleit [Steel City Dance Discs]
Xades – Shaded [Kommerz Records]


Resom (Foto: Manuel Schuller)
Resom (Foto: Manuel Schuller)


Seven Davis Jr. – savedbythebell [SECRET ANGELS]
Yandira – La Malva-Rosa Màgica (Erika Remix) [Sigourney Discs Barcelona]
Khidja – Something In The Water [Hivern Discs]
DJ Plead – Going For It EP [Livity Sound]
Mareena – Hingabe [UKW49b]
Lowtec – Old Economy [Workshop]
Seofon, Ambienttempleofimagination – The Future Was Visible… [R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings]
Tom – LB [SNC Recs]
The Maghreban feat. King Kashmere – M25 [Zoot]
La Dame feat. Goldie B & Cyril Atef – Furtives [Yuku]


Isa Gordon – For You Only [Optimo]
HVL – Resolve [Kiyadama]
Johan Caroe & Gabo Barranco (AAAA) – Stretching Pools [Janushoved]




Thee Church Ov Acid House – Volume 2 [Pudel Produkte]
Shjva – Untitled [Brutaz]
Space Drum Meditation – Untitled [SDM 005]
Strand – Resilience [RWYS]
Scott Grooves – The new moon [Natural Midi]
Binary Digit – Xrns Trax [Weme Records]
Your planet is next – Jotel California [Warning]
Luxe – Belonging EP [Radical New Theory]
Sindh – Kalahari [IDO]
Genuine – Nu Ambient Grooves [Into the Deep Records]


LSW – Mir tut alles weh [Candomble]
Hieroglyphic Being – The shittest Sound you don’t ever want to hear … [Mathematics]
Síntesis Moderna – An Alternative Vision of Argentinian Music 1980-1990 [Soundway]

Ryan James Ford

Ryan James Ford (Foto: Ryan James Ford)
Ryan James Ford (Foto: Ryan James Ford)


Pariah – Caterpillar [VOAM]
Maara – Fancy Feast [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
u.r.trax – third ear [trip]
Ryan James Ford – ASMR [Clone Dubs]
Blue Hour – Origins [Blue Hour]
Pangaea – Fuzzy Logic [Hessle Audio]
Tommy Holohan – Pulse Love [Steel City Dance Discs]
LDS – algo5 [Blue Hour]
Ocean Stirs – Luminescent [Another Place]
Actress – Dummy Corporation [Ninja Tune]


Hadone – What I Was Running From [TWND]
Marcel Dettmann – Fear of Programming [Dekmantel]
Kuedo – Infinite Window [Brainfeeder]

Simple Symmetry

Simple Symmetry (Foto: Simple Symmetry)
Simple Symmetry (Foto: Simple Symmetry)


Simple Symmetry feat. Fascinator – Czars In My Eyes [System 108]
Rudolf Abramov – Losing Perspective [Optimo Music]
Black Merlin – Surface Air [Malka Tuti]
Paranoid London with Mutado Pintado – Suck A Dick [Paranoid London Recordings]
DECIUS – Look Like A Man [The Leaf Label]
Всадники ЖКХ / ВЕЩЬ – Оккультные знания [Incompetence Records]
Sordid Sound System – Neon Noir [Optimo Music]
Odopt – Lower Ground Floor II [Odopt]
Digital Burger – DEVED [Digitalized Planet B]
Autarkic – The Leibowitz Files [Holit Records]


Simple Symmetry – Sorry! We Did Something Wrong [New Ears]
Шато Леопард – Шато Леопард [Incompetence Records]
Bachir Attar with Elliott Sharp – In New York [Fortuna Records]


Voiski (Foto: Presse)
Voiski (Foto: Presse)


Kali Malone – Living Torch [Portraits GRM]
Anthony Linell – Dissolution Process [Northern Electronics]
nthng – Sub-Sonar [Delsin]
Rove Ranger – Milennial Millenium [Lobster Theremin]
Fadi Mohem – MOHEM 01 [MOHEM]
Forest Drive West – Break [Ilian Tape]
Altinbas x Cirkle – Time in Motion [SK Eleven]
Polygonia – Living Patterns [ARA]
Daniel Raichert – Agent Chemical [Murk]
Quelza – Les Mirages [Palinoia]


Steffi – The Red Hunter [Candy Mountain]
AtomTM – Neuer Mensch [Raster Noton]
Mystic AM – Cardamom & Laudanum [Astral Industries]

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