This is one out of 100 lists compiled for the 25th anniversary edition of Groove.
A German translation has been published in Groove 151 (November/December 2014).


Paul Rose once admitted his addiction to Twitter in an interview for Groove. The Hotflush Recordings founder, better known as Scuba, is a prolific user of the medium and known for posting witty, funny and sometimes deeply sarcastic comments on pretty much anything he cares about – from the state of music and politics to his often troubled love for the North London football club Arsenal FC. Who else could we have asked for a list of ten profiles you desperately need to follow? By the way: Scuba tweets as @ScubaOfficial.


Artwork (@artworkmagnetic) – „An underground UK legend responsible for seminal techno as Grain, essential garage as DnD, and proto-dubstep as Menta, but best known as a member of Magnetic Man. Amusingly irreverent on Twitter.“

Don’t Read Comments (@AvoidComments) – „A handy tool for evading the more depressingly predictable parts of the internet.“

Clive Martin (@thugclive) – „A prolific writer for Vice amongst others, he’s always sharp and usually pretty sardonic in this medium. Bear in mind that football is a regular feature here though.“

Deadmau5 (@deadmau5) – „Responsible (directly and indirectly) for a lot of terrible music, but undeniably a character and the source of some well-publicised feuds and disputes played out on Twitter.“

Derrick L. Carter (@blucu) – „The nearest a high-profile DJ gets to Gonzo journalism on Twitter, the source of a lot of fairly inappropriate content.“

Eats Everything (@eats_everything) – „A whirlwind of energy and madcap humour, and as imposing a figure online as he is in real life.“

JME (@JmeBBK) – „A stream of consciousness direct from the mind of possibly the biggest talent to emerge from the UK’s grime movement. No subject is left untouched.“

Prince Tweets 2 U (@PrinceTweets2U) – „This isn’t actually Prince of course, but you know what they say about meeting your heroes…?“

Stereogum (@stereogum) – „A pretty comprehensive source of information for a wide range of musical forms.“

Tiga (@ciaotiga) – „One of the wittier people you’ll find anywhere, and certainly in the often-dreary world of electronic music.“

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