Groove 146

Four Tet: Breaking Out of the Cycle

In the only interview accompanying the release of his latest album Beautiful Rewind, Kieran Hebden explained how he managed to break free from the traditional way of promoting records.

GROOVE CD 55 Januar/Februar 2014

Cover-Gestaltung: Dominic Flannigan / LuckyMe Zusammenstellung: Thilo Schneider 01. Axel Boman - Can't Find It 02. It's Not Over - Late At Night (Later Version) 03. Justus Köhncke...

GROOVE 146 Januar/Februar 2014

Online verfügbare Beiträge sind verlinkt Magazin EDM-Übernahme: SFX kauft I-Motion, Mode: Chelsea Bravo, Label: Argot, Meine Stadt: Bjørn Torske über Bergen, Buch: „Die Do-It-Yourself-Karrieren der DJs“,...