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Groove Podcast 107

With their Groove mix, Stereogamous take us on a drug-fueled trip in the backrooms of the Australian bath house scene.

Demian Licht

Groove Podcast 106

Mexican producer Demian Licht's music is dedicated to conceptual, cinematic storytelling. So is her belting mix for Groove.

Nan Kolè

Groove Podcast 105

Crank up your subwoofer, the Gqom Oh! founder is going to introduce you to something special. Nan Kolè's Groove mix focuses on Durban's new Taxi Kick sound.


Groove Podcast 104

Verzweifeln, rauchen, alles verwerfen und neu anfangen: Neele steckt viel Energie und Herzblut in ihre Mixe. So auch für ihren Beitrag zum Groove-Podcast.


Groove Podcast 103

As a producer and label owner, BNJMN seems unstoppable. His Groove mix however takes it slowly and dives deeply into Ambient territory.


Groove Podcast 102

noncompliant alias DJ Shiva likes to think of DJ sets like a piece of classical music or improv jazz. Which doesn't mean that hers aren't beltering.


Groove Podcast 101

Foto: Lou Benesch (Superpitcher) Aksel Schaufler allegedly grew up in a household from which pop culture was permanently banned. Whether or not that is...


Groove Podcast 101

Manche Leute sagen Superpitcher, er denke zu viel nach. Mag sein, nützt aber nix. Sein Groove-Mix ist eher zum Wegträumen.

Ellen Allien

Groove Podcast 100

Bevor die Bpitch Control-Gründerin Ellen Allien ihr neues Album "Nost" veröffentlicht, liefert sie für die 100. Ausgabe des Groove-Podcasts Space Techno ab.


Groove Podcast 99

Semtek is a DJ so dedicated, he'll cut an acetate of a track if it's not available on wax. His mix brings together secret weapons and personal favourites.

John Osborn

Groove Podcast 98

John Osborn's DJing is all about what he himself is interested in: the human element. The Dred founder's mix for Groove combines the past and the present.


Groove Podcast 97

Bwana will sometimes find himself deep into a Trance hole in the early morning hours. His Groove mix is proof that he's learnt a lesson or two.

Tin Man

Groove Podcast 96

We celebrate World Acid day with a mix by one of the genre's mist prolific producers, Tin Man.

Deena Abdelwahed

Groove Podcast 95

Like her own productions, Deena Abdelwahed's mix for Groove is a bass-heavy affair.

Earthen Sea

Groove Podcast 94

Just like his new album for kranky, Earthen Sea's Amient mix will only sound soothing on the surface. Instead, it aims at questioning that very notion.



Neuer Club in München

Clubbericht: Elysia (Basel)

Feier des Sounds

Marcel Dettmann

"Meine Generation ist ruppiger und schroffer."


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