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Orson Wells – Groove Podcast 133

Mit seinem Groove-Mix will Orson Wells die Szene Frankfurts von einer anderen Seite zeigen. Enthalten sind ausschließlich unveröffentlichte Tracks.

Barker – Groove Podcast 132

The Leisure System co-founder's Groove mix is as versatile you would expect it to be.

Volvox – Groove Podcast 130

Volvox's hard-hitting Groove mix is, in her own words, "a gnarly journey through the dark side of the DJ lifestyle".

Mondkopf – Groove Podcast 129

The French producer Mondkopf is best known for his experimental releases. His Groove mix however devotes itself to all things dance music.

Chloé – Groove Podcast 127

Chloé's Groove mix is just as multi-faceted as you'd expect from the Parisian producer.

ItaloJohnson – Groove Podcast 126

Ihr Groove-Mix sollte etwas ganz Besonderes sein, sagen ItaloJohnson - technoid, langsamer, entschleunigender.

Steve Rachmad – Groove Podcast 125

"It is who I am, and how I like to play," says Steve Rachmad about his Groove mix, recorded at Amsterdam's Shelter.

Mor Elian – Groove Podcast 124

The relentless Israeli producer Mor Elian doesn't like to define herself, as you can probably tell from her Groove mix.

CTRLS – Groove Podcast 123

When the Copenhagen-based Token mainstay CTRLS gets behind the decks, the going gets weird.

Prequel Tapes – Groove Podcast 122

On his Groove mix, Prequel Tapes retraces his musical roots with his beloved TR-707.

Cosmin TRG – Groove Podcast 121

Cosmin TRG's Groove mix comprises exclusively his own productions, most of which are new and unreleased.


Groove Podcast 120

HVL had to borrow one deck to deliver a furious mix that represents the rough sound of his homebase, Bassiani.

Pan Daijing

Groove Podcast 119

Got your waffle iron and dancing shoes ready? Pan Daijing's mix for Groove wants you to "Relax Your Body".


Groove Podcast 118

"When you feel you don’t have anything to say anymore, then retire somewhere and start gardening," says Borusiade. Luckily, she still has a lot to say.


Groove Podcast 117

Ikonika can't just stick to one style, she needs variation. That's exactly what her Groove mix offers.



Neuer Club in München

Clubbericht: Elysia (Basel)

Feier des Sounds

Marcel Dettmann

"Meine Generation ist ruppiger und schroffer."


Electron Festival 2016 Podcast

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