It’s very opposed that you said you didn’t want to take things too seriously but then the music and the track titles on the album, the breakup – it was all serious.
Super intense, I know. But in my mind, the thing that I wanted to have fun with was more about being very honest about things. I know it’s maybe a strange contrast, having a funny DJ name and then using very profound or emotional titles, but for me it just felt right and I didn’t really want to think about things too much. Just go with my gut-feeling at that time.

Is that also what led you to using this raw, lo-fi sound?
Yes. I’ve always liked when things sounded a bit dusty or raw. But I had a really strong impulse that I wanted to do something a bit more hard and raw and not that polished because my emotional state wasn’t very polished. I’m not a big fan of rock music in general, and maybe I’m using a stupid example, but you know when you have rock singers yelling into the microphone and it causes a kind of weird distortion? It’s because the equipment can’t really handle the voice or the emotion that goes into that microphone. I feel that way sometimes, especially back then, with my music.

How did your hit-track „U“ come on YouTube?
I didn’t really want to send around demos or anything like that, so I just posted it on Soundcloud and a day or so after I saw this YouTube channel [Slav] had uploaded it. He wrote me a message a bit later, asking if it was okay, but by then it already had a lot of views and I thought “I don’t mind. You could have asked beforehand, but I’m not going to complain about that.” I know people thought that some of us were buying views, but it was just a guy who ripped my song from Soundcloud and uploaded it.

So, I guess you’ve gotten over that break-up.

Stream: DJ Seinfeld – How U Make Me Feel

Where do you find inspiration now then?
I don’t! (laughs) Before, I went a lot by impulse and by what I was feeling at that time. Now I’m okay. But it also means my creativity has gone a bit, I feel. It allows me to think a bit more on ideas about music, maybe experiment a bit more with the kinds of soundgigss that I want to use. It pushed me towards being a bit more thoughtful about things. I think it’s nice. I’d rather be this way than being very heartbroken about anything. I hope something good is going to come out of this as well at some point. I guess we will see.

Do you even have time to produce now? You’re on the road quite a lot.
Not as much as I would have wanted. In the last two months I haven’t really made much music at all. It’s kind of frustrating. But it’s like a trade-off, the more you DJ, the less music you make. It’s a good life, im not complaining about it, I just need to be a bit better at planning things.

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