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Off The Tracks with Sunil Sharpe

On Tbilisi's Bassiani and Long Sets

The Irish techno DJ and producer writes about first visiting Georgia, playing the infamous Bassiani in Tbilisi, and what it takes to play longer sets.


Comfortably Lost

Techno DJ and producer Sigha speaks about his new album "Metabolism" on Token, receiving life-changing advice from Regis and how to stay creatively excited.

Earthen Sea

Groove Podcast 94

Just like his new album for kranky, Earthen Sea's Amient mix will only sound soothing on the surface. Instead, it aims at questioning that very notion.

Jeroen Search

Groove Podcast 93

Nobody quite embodies Rotterdam's work-hard-play-hard mentality like Jeroen Search. His Groove mix is a reminder to start the day and get busy working.


Rejecting High Fidelity

For the past years, Egyptrixx's music has been navigating through the ambiguities of club music. We caught up with the prolific producer.

Born In Flamez

Groove Podcast 90

29 tracks in less than an hour? Born In Flamez' Groove mix is the definite statement of a producer trying to find new modes of expression in music.

Bloody Mary

Groove Podcast 89

The Dame-Music founder delivers a tightly-packed, diverse mix featuring exclusive edits and previously unreleased material.

Jessy Lanza

Groove Podcast 88

Jessy Lanza's mix for Groove is as well informed as her own work, which saw the Hyperdub artist oscillate between sparse R'n'B and Disco.


Am Deck 30

The Arma17 resident delivers some moody, Industrial-influenced cuts.

Apeiron Crew

Groove Podcast 85

Copenhagen's Apeiron Crew are not accepting new members, unless Jeff Mills would interested in auditioning. Their mix brings everything together they stand for.

Rrose & Lucy

Eins plus eins gleich drei

Rrose und Lucy sprechen über ihre jeweiligen Geschichten, die Arbeit zu zweit und warum es nicht immer nur Techno sein kann.

Rrose & Lucy

Slipping In and Out of Techno

Rrose and Lucy sat down to talk about their respective beginnings, working together and never really being satisfied with making only Techno music.

Johanna Knutsson

Groove Podcast 84

Johanna Knutsson left behind her own company to pursue a in DJing career and, as things seem, was right about it. Her mix reflects her eclectic taste.

Oasis Festival

Amplifying the Underground

Oasis is one of the festivals in Morocco's blossoming scene. We caught up with its founder, Marjana Jaidi.


Groove Podcast 82

Usually known for her hard-hitting Techno sets, UMFANG surprises us with bouncy House tunes that convey a political message as well.



Neuer Club in München

Clubbericht: Elysia (Basel)

Feier des Sounds

Marcel Dettmann

"Meine Generation ist ruppiger und schroffer."


Electron Festival 2016 Podcast

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