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MIKE HUCKABY Groove Podcast 13

It seems impossible to imagine the music scene of Detroit without Mike Huckaby. The industrious DJ, producer, sound designer and lecturer may not enjoy...

STEVE BUG on his new album „Noir“

Steve Bug emerged as a leading figure in Germany's minimal house scene with the release of his third album The Other Day twelve years...

AUNTIE FLO Groove Podcast 12

Brian d’Souza aka Auntie Flo first came to the attention of a wider audience last year with his track "Oh My Days", an infectious...

STECKENPFERD John Tejada on vintage drums

Previously published in Groove 138 (September/October 2012) in a abridged and translated version. German speakers use the expression „Steckenpferd“ to describe a passion that involves...

ROMY XX Groove Podcast 11

Picture: Claudia Rorarius When being asked about her favourite bands during the interview for our current issue, Romy Madley Croft, the guitarist and singer of...

NICK HÖPPNER on „Panorama Bar 04“

Kicking off a new series of artist interviews on Groove TV, Nick Höppner talks about his recently released Panorama Bar 04 mix CD. The...

TAILORED COMMUNICATION „Promotion is not a black art“

Have you ever wondered how all the records we write about find their way into the Groove office? Nine times out of ten they...

TIM SWEENEY Groove Podcast 09

Picture: Anna Rose | zur deutschsprachigen Version des Beitrag In the introduction to his interview with Tim Sweeney in the current issue of Groove, the...

STECKENPFERD Mike Shannon on science fiction novels

Previously published in Groove 135 (March/April 2012) in a translated version. German speakers use the expression „Steckenpferd“ to describe a hobby that involves a certain...

CIRCUIT BENDING & BEYOND Build Your Own Instrument!

In this episode of Groove TV the Berlin-based sound artist Derek Holzer gives an introduction to the subculture of circuit bending and do-it-yourself analogue...

CDR BERLIN „Everybody has to get a chance“

The concept of CDR is astonishingly simple: Bring your own tracks to one of Tony Nwachukwu's club nights and he will play them. Conceived...

LONE „Galaxy Garden“ Album Trailer & Interview

Since his first release in 2007, Matt Cutler a.k.a. Lone has been constantly reinventing himself musically. While his first three full-length albums Everything Is...


LADA is a collaborative project between Russian-born techno producer Dasha Rush and her German counterpart Lars Hemmerling. Initially conceived as a live performance project,...

NINA KRAVIZ Groove Podcast 05

Picture credit: Mads Perch | Zur deutschen Version des Beitrags geht es hier! We're only two month into 2012, but there is already little doubt...

BOILER ROOM Behind the scenes

In less than two year's time, Boiler Room has turned from an improvised jam session with a webcam into the hottest online party broadcast...



Neuer Club in München

Clubbericht: Elysia (Basel)

Feier des Sounds

Marcel Dettmann

"Meine Generation ist ruppiger und schroffer."


Electron Festival 2016 Podcast

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